Spy Wars: Tips and Cheats – The Strategy Guide

Spy Wars is a new real time combat strategy game by Hothead Games. In a world that’s broken out in a global war of intelligence-gathering, your goal is to stake your place among the top spy agencies in the world, as well as out-spy other players. It’s the Clash of Clans of spy games. Read on for some tips and tricks for Spy Wars!

-Unlike other RTS games, there are plenty of opportunities for free currency in exchange for completing offers. Tap on the store menu and hit the “Free” icon for free gems or cash opportunities (there is no free intel opportunity right now)
-Raiding other players is the fastest way to earn cash and intel otherwise. For gems, complete items on the agenda and you’ll earn loads of gems as bonuses.

-You’re going to start getting attacked right away. Your best defense is to build as many stations as possible which makes it easy for other players to waste all of their energy before ever getting to your command center.
-Upgrade your stations and their quality. Both upgrades not only enhance their effectiveness at what they do, but make it harder for an enemy to infiltrate them.

-In PvP combat, before you settle on a battle to fight, if you’re going for resources, hit the next button until you find a player with the highest possible amount of available resources. If you are going for spy points, do the same thing but stop on a player who will earn you a lot of spy points for beating them.
-Increase the levels of your safes and your intel vaults to avoid maxing out too quickly in battle. Not only will upgrades increase the hourly output of cash and intel, they will increase the maximum amount that can be held.

-Getting sick of your resources getting raided? Go into PvP mode and intentionally fail numerous missions until you lose a significant amount of spy points, enough to drop you back down into lower levels. Players will automatically be matched against someone with similar spy points, so you’ll get attacked less and when you do it will be far more likely to be failed missions.

-Always look out for new agents and agent slots to become available. Recruit as many as you can, because you’ll need them depending on the missions.
-When you’re placing traps, always make sure to trap the security guard’s desk, because this is always the first thing the enemy will go for.