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Squat Rack Defender: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Squat Rack Defender is a goofy new mobile game where your goal is to defend the only squat rack in the gym from the hordes of people who are trying to use it. You can do this by throwing weights, bananas, and other implements at them. As you make it further into the game you’ll unlock even more characters and more gyms to defend. Read on for some tips, cheats, strategies, hacks, and tricks for Squat Rack Defender!

Your character moves automatically, and if you don’t tap the screen, he’ll keep moving in the same direction until he leaves one side of the screen and reappears on the other side. Tap and he’ll throw a weapon and change directions. To speed up the weapon usage, tap when he reaches one side of the door or the other and throw weapons in anticipation of the gymgoers who are about to appear. The quicker you tap, the quicker the weapons get thrown.

You can collect new weapons as they appear. Weapons will do one of two things: they’ll either keep flying until they hit something or leave the screen (dumbbells and kettlebells do this), or they will land about halfway across the screen (bananas, protein shakes, and plates do this). If a weapon lands, it will stay on the screen for about 10 seconds, and if an enemy trips over it, they’ll die.

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There is no currency system in this game, so the way to unlock new characters and gems is by making it to a specific score tier. Go to the character or gym select screen and tap on the ones that are darkened and unavailable in order to see what score you have to beat to unlock the character or gym. The most expensive two are the King character and the Sky Gym, which require a score of 1337 or higher in one game to unlock.

As you get further into a level, more obstacles will appear. One example is the poisonous protein shake. If you see this flying toward you, avoid it at all costs. You can’t knock it out, unlike enemy gymgoers, and you can’t touch it or you will die, so all you can do is avoid it.

Each of the gyms and characters plays the same way; the differences are entirely cosmetic. If you don’t want to have to reach insanely high scores to unlock every character and every gym, you can go to the store menu and purchase the “unlock all” option, and you will have everybody right away. You can also turn off the involuntary ads, and if you delete and then redownload the game after making the purchase, hit “restore” to get all of your bonuses back for free.


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