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Stair Free – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, High Score, and Strategy Guide

Stair Free is a new game based off an old game for the iOS platform. Your aim is to slide the stairs out from the wall so that your climbing girl can ascend as high as possible without running into obstacles. The goal is to go as far as you can and get the highest score. Read on for some tips and tricks for Stair Free!

Once the game begins, the climbing girl will start jumping and moving on her own. Use your thumb to grab the blocks and start pulling them out so that she can land on them when she drops back down. You can either move fast by sliding out the block immediately under her when she’s at the top of the jump, or slow it down a bit by sliding out the block that’s just over the one she was standing on previously.

Watch out for the spiked blocks though. When you see them, slide them back in immediately as they will end your run right away if your climbing girl lands on them. Also, be careful for the blocks that slide vertically rather than horizontally, and be careful for the blocks that are twice as tall as a standard block, so that you don’t accidentally smash your girl and send her falling.

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You have four lives to start with, and then when you run out the game prompts you to watch an ad in order to get five more games. If you don’t want to watch any advertisements, though, then you can always simply wait around and your lives will come back on their own.

If you want to stop your girl from jumping into a spiked block that is already inside the wall, slide the block that she’s standing on to move her back. She won’t turn around, so you’ll have to slide it pretty far back to keep her away from the wall. And then when she’s in the air, push her back with a block, or slide a block out so that she can land on it with no danger of the spiked block.

To skip the waiting period between jumps, tap on the climber and she will jump immediately. Also, make sure that you slide her back if she’s underneath a vertical block. She’ll whack her head on the block if you don’t, and then when she comes back down, the platform that she jumped off of will disappear, so you can’t reuse platforms.