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Stan Lee’s Hero Command – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Stan Lee’s Hero Command is a new action RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, starring the creator of pretty much every Marvel character in existence. None of them are in this game – instead, you play as some random new hero, taking direction from Stan Lee himself, who comes by and hands out objectives for his group of heroes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Stan Lee’s Hero Command!

You have a limited amount of energy in this game, with ten being your maximum. If you run out of energy completely or if you just want to get some of your energy back right away, the trick is to go to the date and time settings on your phone or tablet, and set them ahead for five minutes for each energy point that you want to recover. Do this any time that you want to get more energy back, and you will never have to pay for more.

The same trick applies for any training that you’re doing as well. Set the time ahead by however long the training takes to complete, and it will instead complete right away. The alternative here and with the energy trick is to wait for it – however, if you want to get energy right away without messing with the time, go to the in app purchase store and you can watch an advertisement video instead.

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When fighting tough battles, you’ll find boxes around that contain health restoration bits. Don’t break them open until you energy begins to get low. Break them open when this happens and collect what’s inside as needed. This is especially important during boss battles.

On the level select screen, use the bar that’s above the top of each level as a gauge for whether to play the level or not, and whether the risk is worth the reward. The tougher stages will earn you more Excelsiorbs, but will generally be more difficult to beat. Train your hero in order to make stages easier. Below each stage’s objective, you’ll find where it says what skills should be trained before you attempt the stage, if any.

To make the best use of your excelsiorbs, your best bet is to upgrade each of your attributes to the same level at the same time. Then, once they are all at an equal level, upgrade all of them to the next level. You’ll spend far less excelsiorbs for more upgrades this way.