Star Trek Trexels II: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Star Trek Trexels II is a new Star Trek RPG that serves as the sequel to the original Star Trek Trexels for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to turn your ship into a thriving city as well as to build up an entire fleet of ships, recruit new officers that you’ll recognize from other Star Trek properties (such as Wesley Crusher from Deep Space 9), and do battle against hostiles. You can earn Dilithium, command, research, and power points, also. Read on for some tips and tricks for Star Trek Trexels II!

Early on in the game, you’re going to need to do a lot of micromanaging in order to get all three of the main resources in the kind of quantities that you need to complete new rooms and quests. You’ll have three resources to collect (command, research, and power), but often less than three crew members that you can assign to them. Move your crew around as needed in order to get more resources. If you pull someone out of a resource room before they’re finished collecting the resource, then you’ll collect all of the resources that they’ve earned up until that point.

When you’re in the ship area, tap on the top left area of the screen where you see the blue and yellow icons. The blue is tasks, and the yellow is achievements. You have a TON of achievements, which mostly constitute longer-term goals, and the tasks constitute short-term goals that will take you to the immediate portion of what you want to do. Achievements tend to have larger prizes than quests do.

Build up a fleet of the rarest, highest-stat, and largest ships that you can find. Your flagship should be your largest ship, so that you can build as many rooms as possible inside of it, but your other ships should be your most powerful ones, so that you can have the biggest advantage in battle.

Hit Quark’s area every time that you want to compete for a prize. If you spin and win, then you can get free command, power, research, or even Dilithium. Plus, when you’re out of free spins, you can still keep watching ad video after ad video in exchange for free dilithium for each one that you watch.

Always keep a construction project going, and always keep a training project going, if at all possible. Keep your rooms producing the resources that you need (check what buildings you need to build or upgrade next in order to know this). Upgrade your officers in order to increase their combat abilities, also, so that they have an easier time in fights.