Star Warfare for iPhone: How to get more Mithril, Gold and Energy

Star Warfare is a third person shooter for the iPhone and iPod Touch that is currently one of the best on the system. The graphics are beautiful, and the challenge is absolutely daunting at times. You get many different worlds to play in, with six levels in each world, each of which is more difficult than the last. Mithril is the premium currency in the game, and with it you can buy the best weapons and armor. Gold is the main currency in the game, and is needed in order to buy most weapons, armor and other goodies. Energy is needed in order to fire any of your weapons. So how do you get more of all three of these? Keep reading to find out.

Mithril is earned in two different ways. The one way in the game to earn free Mithril is to first, go to the main menu. Then, you will see a little icon advertising free Mithril. When you tap it, a Facebook logo and a Twitter logo will pop up. Tap one of these, or tap each one of them, and like on Facebook and tweet on Twitter in order to get your free Mithril. You just have to tap the logos, through, you don’t really have to follow through with the like or the share once you get to the sites. With each tap you get three free Mithril. The other way to get free Mithril is to beat a boss character and pick up the dropped Mithril.

Gold is gotten in many different ways. You can get a ton of free gold by beating all five of the regular levels in a world. This is one of your biggest sources of bonus gold. You, of course, get free gold by picking up any of the gold dollar signs that drop when you shoot and kill an alien. This is on top of all of the gold that you earn for every enemy that you kill in a stage, whether you win or lose the stage (making the “infinite” stage in each world a very easy way to earn gold, if you can manage to kill a good amount of enemies before you yourself get killed). In addition, you can buy quite a bit of gold using Mithril in the shop menu.

To get more Energy, go to the shop or the customize menu and tap the “ammo” button and buy more ammo. Ammo and energy are one and the same, and without ammo/energy you cannot fire your gun. The other way to get more ammo is to pick up the little blue cylinders that drop when you shoot enemies. This is the one way to get free ammo, and really helps you not run out of ammo mid round, especially if you are playing the infinite rounds.