(Star Wars: Assault Team) How to get high-tier heroes

Star Wars: Assault Team features heroes of five different tiers. There are the one-tier, which are surprisingly uncommon and really really weak, and the two-tier heroes, which are slightly less weak, and very common. Things really start getting good with three-tier heroes, though, as they are quite a bit stronger; however, they are more rare. Four and five-tier heroes are the most powerful in the game, and consequently, the rarest. Here’s how to get more of the three tier and above heroes.

-Hero crates are the main method of earning high tier heroes. The silver crates will mostly give you a two-tier hero, but when you purchase them, you have a small shot at getting a third-tier hero. The gold crates are similar except that you have a much higher shot at earning a three tier hero. Platinum crates will earn you a three tier hero, with a decent chance at a four tier hero. Diamond crates, meanwhile, will earn you a four-tier hero, with a good chance at a five-tier hero.

-All of the missions, except for the promotion missions and the training mission, will earn you new hero cards as bonuses. Normally, you’ll earn one and two tier cards. However, the further along that you get in the game, the more of a shot you have at getting a higher tier card.

-Don’t forget about the heroic and epic difficulty levels of every mission, as well. Even the early missions, when played under these two difficulty levels, have a high shot at earning you a three-tier or above card.

-Play in the Arena to earn more Arena Crates. These will give you a chance at rare heroes. The bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond arena crates correspond to the rewards of the standard hero crates, except for the diamond arena crate which gives you a shot at a 3, 4, or 5 star hero.

-You’ll earn random rewards for leveling up. Sometimes, that reward will even be a rare hero.
-And finally, promote your heroes to get them to a second tier. The lightened tier bars represent how high of a tier they are to begin with. The darkened tier bars next to that represent their promotion potential, so you can have a 2-tier guy (Han Solo, for example) who can eventually be promoted all the way up to a five tier hero.