Star Wars: Assault Team – The full guide to training and promoting your heroes, page 2

Some random problems that people have been having with this include that certain promotion materials may seem nearly impossible to find. If you know what tier you need the materials for, though, then choose the special mission that corresponds to that tier. The higher the difficulty tier, the better the promotional materials that you get, but they are still rare.

So, for example, if you have to upgrade Han Solo from tier 3 to tier 4, your rewards are most likely to be found in the tier 3 promotion missions. But even then, they will still be rather rare, so you have to play it over and over just for a chance at earning those materials. Now, if you want to upgrade from tier 4 to tier 5 for Han Solo, you’ll generally have to wait until Smuggler Saturday’s missions pop back up, because your chances of finding the necessary materials inside of the tier 3 missions will be slim to none.

So essentially, you just have to grind and grind to get there. Once you do get the promotional materials and promote your character, his or her or its level will go back to 1, but their stats will remain the same, so it might seem like it wasn’t even worth it at first. But it will be EXTREMELY worth it when you do your next training on that character.

Since they are back down to level one, that means that a miniscule amount of experience points will be required in order to level them back up. So go to the particular training items mission (for example, smuggling training items missions for Han Solo), then play one or two of them and go back to the training screen for your newly promoted character. Use a few of those items and their level (and stats) will jump rapidly.

Best part is, a promoted character will have even quicker stat boosts than he/she/it did before they got promoted. So after that first run at training your newly promoted character, their stats will SKYROCKET. This is the same kind of fun that happens every single time that you promote a character.

Want to be a real badass? Take a character who’s tier 1 and try to promote them all the way to tier 5. It will take a LOT of training materials and a lot of hunting for the required promotion materials. But it can turn a worthless character into a force to be reckoned with.

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