Star Wars: Commander – Defense Guide: How to stop other players from beating your base, page 2

There are five types of gun turrets. The first is the rapid fire, which is a good all around defensive weapon. It’s the jack of all trades and master of none. The second is the proton of mortar, which is especially effective against the large clusters of infantry. The burst turret is the strongest against solo target with high health, but weak against large groups of infantry. The rocket turret is a specially formulated to destroy vehicles and do minimal splash damage, but they are still ineffective against large groups of infantry.

Go back and analyze what troops other players use when they beat you. You can change your types of turrets at any time, so if you have the alloyed to do so, change them around to accommodate battles against your most common threats. For example, if it’s common for vehicles to be used against you, use more Rockets. If it’s common for other players to send out loads of infantry, use mortars.

Purchase the shield generator as soon as you unlock it. Once you have it, treat your shield white walls, placing that your most important buildings inside, such as the headquarters and the resource storages. As with anything else, upgrade the generator to increase the strength of the shield.

Do not use your walls as decorations, because that makes them absolutely pointless. However, spread out your walls just enough so that you don’t create spawning space for other players inside of them, but so that they make your days seem bigger and more full. You can put one or two spaces of width in between your walls and your buildings without creating any extra spawnings days.

If you want to ensure that resource loss is minimized and you don’t care about your medals, place your hindquarters outside of your walls and outside of the rest of your race. You will be attacked by players who are just after resources, and when your headquarters gets destroyed, you will end up with a free protective shield. Do this whenever you are trying to save up resources for an expensive purchase.

Finally, emulate the defensive style of the players who piss you off the most when you try to attack them. Are you having a hard time against a certain type of defense? Imitate that defense and use it for your own base. This is the simplest way to become better on defense.

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