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Battle points are earned by winning stars against other players. The first battle point is earned by getting a 50% damage score, while the second star is earned by destroying the enemy headquarters. Finally, the third star is earned by scoring a 100% damage rating on the base you’re attacking. The more stars that you score, the more battle points that you’ll earn.

If you want to earn more battle points, defensively you should do the exact opposite of the last tip. Make sure your headquarters are heavily fortified by walls, at the expense of all else. If your intent is to score the most battle points possible (and to keep your battle points), then even if everything else gets destroyed, opposing players will still be limited to just one star if they don’t destroy your headquarters.

Better yet, to keep your battle points, and your credits and alloys, do two things. Build as many walls and upgrade them as high as you can, and maximize your turrets (both quantity and upgrade level). Also, change your turrets around based on what’s the most useful for the groups of troops that attack you (watch the replays of attacks against you to figure this one out).

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Build the factory and the hero command as soon as possible, because they will provide a HUGE boost to your battles and will give you useable firepower outside of your troops and your transport. However, always maximize the level and quantity of your transport to send in a huge number of troops.

However, when you get to a certain point in the game (HQ level 8 or so), stop upgrading it. The more upgrades you do, the less available resources there will be from any base that you attack in order to balance the game out, so wait until you upgrade everything that you can in order to upgrade your headquarters.

For cheap and easy alloy and credits, send in loads of scout troops, which automatically target resources, and as long as you can accept the battle point loss you’ll be rewarded with LOADS of resources. Or, send in loads of generalists and hope that they destroy the base as much as possible, in exchange for cheap training prices.

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