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10) Want to play as both the Empire and the Rebels?
You’re going to need two tablets, phones, or advanced MP3 players (iPod Touch or any Android equivalent) for this one. Or you can use an iOS or Android emulator for your computer. Download Star Wars: Commander on both of them. Then if you have the same Game Center account, log out of it on one device or log into a different ID. Then start two games, with one as the Empire and one as the Rebels, just to see what the differences are and which one you like better.

9) Drop your Battle Points to stop losing resources.
Battle Points are the equivalent of Clash of Clans “trophies” in this game. To stop losing Battle Points, drop them by sending in one fighter against another player, then forfeiting the battle. Do this over and over until your Battle Points are as low as you want them to be.

8) Get free shields by using other players and taking advantage of their attacks.
Go ahead and move your Headquarters outside of your walls and away from your main base, outside of the range of your turrets. Then wait and other players will start attacking the headquarters, with the intent being to gain battle points rather than resources, and you’ll get attacked and thrown into damage protection by some weakling who will take a minimal amount of resources. Then your shield will stop you from losing anymore of them!

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7) Buy the shield generator as soon as you can.
This is one of your biggest defensive cornerstones, as anyone without a hero that specializes in destroying shield generators (such as Han Solo) is going to have a VERY hard time with you. This makes dropping your battle points even more effective, as less advanced players are going to suck against you when you have shield generators going.

6) Once you get to the more advanced levels, hold off on upgrading your headquarters.
The higher that you upgrade them, the less Alloy and Credits will be available from anyone who has an HQ level that’s lower than yours. Make sure to max out everything else that you can first (walls, turrets, barracks etc) so that you don’t get stuck grinding for longer than you have to whenever you need to make an expensive purchase.

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