Star Wars: Commander – Top 25 Tips, Hacks, Cheats and Strategies

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Star Wars: Commander is the Clash of Clans of Star Wars games, and I mean that in the best way possible. This addicting new game will put you in charge of a mercenary gang somewhere in the deserts of Tatooine. You can ally with the empire or with the rebels, and whichever one you choose will alter the course of the game. Read on for the top 25 tips and tricks for Star Wars: Commander!

25) Choose carefully which faction you will ally yourself with to begin the game.
You can either choose the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. If you choose the Rebels, you will only be able to battle against Empire bases, and vice versa. Also, when it comes time to join or form a squad, you can only form a squad with players who choose the same faction as you. So there’s no way to have Empire and Rebels in the same squad.

24) Other differences between choosing Empire and Rebels
Rebel troops are stronger, but if you pick Empire you will be able to build more Unit Transports more quickly so the strength deficit is made up for in sheer numbers. Also, you’ll have different single player chapter quests. Empires can build Factories right away but must wait until Headquarters level 4 for Hero Commands, while Rebels can build Hero Commands right away but must wait until HQ level 4 for Factories.

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23) Save up your Crystals so that you can build a third Droid more quickly.
Don’t blow your crystals on speeding stuff up just because you are impatient, no matter how tempting it can sometimes be to do so. When you have a whole other droid, you will have another building slot, allowing you to upgrade your base FAR more quickly over time than you would otherwise be able to.

22) Clear off the rocks and junk that appear all over your base.
All of the junk and rocks will block you from building wherever you want to build, and all of it will potentially earn you crystals for clearing it out of the way. Small junk and small rocks are very cheap to get rid of, while large rocks and junk are very expensive. Either way, they will keep appearing as you play so get rid of them to farm for Crystals.

21) Play the chapter quests until you beat every single one of them.
Chapter quests will give you tasks, which will sometimes be battle-related, and will sometimes be construction-related. Complete them to earn easy Alloy and Credits for free, and at the end of each chapter you’ll earn Crystals, too. Plus, the chapter quests put you in the right direction anyways when it comes to improving your base.

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