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Star Wars: Uprising – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Star Wars: Uprising is a new action RPG set in the Star Wars universe by Kabam, and as of late it has become one of the biggest hits in the whole App Store. You get all kinds of missions to quest through, you can ally with other player by joining a cartel, and you can collect and level up your weapons and armor to unimaginably high levels to deal with some of the toughest enemies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Star Wars: Uprising!

Depending on what weapon you have, your range will be a little bit different. A gun will allow you to stay back and run away for awhile while a sword will force you to go in closer and risk getting shot, although the sword will allow you to attack more quickly. Ultimately, the positives and negatives usually cancel each other out, especially when you factor skills into the equation.

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Wise use of your long range skills and your weapon spraying skills will make it so that you almost never need to fire your main weapon, mostly. Double tap for your long range skill (this begins as the dash but eventually you unlock the grenade) and you can easily keep the bosses at bay and run away as you get low on health.

You can level up a weapon or a piece of armor by sacrificing Desh Scraps for it, and you can upgrade it to a new rarity tier with the right set of crystals. Play the easy version of a stage to get the level 1 crystals, and the higher leveled crystals appear on the tougher levels. Upgrades can take any old common item and turn it into a rare eventually. Gray, white, green, blue and purple are the rarity tiers (AKA one through five stars).

Send your crew on as many crew runs as possible, so that you can get crystals, crew members and other goodies without having to play levels, and so that you can upgrade your reputation. The higher your reputation among the factions and alliances, the better the crew runs and prizes that you can get. Once you join a cartel you can end up with an even bigger variety of them.

You can salvage unwanted weapons and armor in exchange for more desh scraps and crystals. You can also sell them for more credits, but you won’t earn too many, and you can’t sell or salvage either one until you unlock it after one of the Happy Dapp missions. You can also load up on Chromium by completing side quests, and then spend them in the Warehouse for much rarer weapons and armor.