Stardom: The A-list Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

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The number one game of its kind on iPhone is Stardom: The A-list. It’s the most popular celebrity-simulator (not that there are that many of them, anyways) to date for the platform, putting you into the role of an E-list nobody working at a coffee shop, trying to get little commercial roles and network with people, fighting your way up the list until you hit D-list, then C-list, followed by B-list, and finally, at the top of your game, the A-list. It can be a complicated game, so read on for the beginner’s guide to Stardom: The A-list, even if you are not a beginner.

When you start off the game, you will get to pick from a male or a female wannabe-celebrity. Not too much changes between one choice or the other aside from who you date (generally, your celebrity will date the opposite sex); however, there are opportunities in the game to date the same sex.

You also get to customize your clothing, facial shape and hairstyle. After you begin the game, you can change it up again; just go to the button in the bottom right corner of the screen that looks like a wire hanger, and you can change everything. You start the game with only a very limited amount of clothing, but you can buy more clothing as you gain levels.

The main things you do to begin with will be working at Starbeans, doing acting jobs for Arnie’s talent agency, and trying to go on dates with celebrities. The first out of all of them will be doing a shift at Starbeans, which is located in Cromptown. This is your main way of making money in the game, and after your first shift, you can go back and do a shift at any time as long as you have energy to do so. You can do a 1 or a 4 hour shift. Each action you do in Starbeans costs energy, earns money, and fills up the “5 star meter” in the lower left corner of the screen. The goal is to fill up the meter before the shift expires – if you fill it, the shift will end early and you will end up earning more star power.

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