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Starlit Adventures – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Starlit Adventures is a new platformer for those who loved Dig Dug as a kid. Your goal is to dig and hunt for treasure while finding ways to defeat enemies using various power-ups and uniforms. You can hunt for treasure and jewels, as well as stars, rack up points and even find new things in old stages. Read on for some tips and tricks for Starlit Adventures!

You have five lives in this game, and if you lose a life you have to wait 15 minutes for it to come back. You lose a life by either losing a level or by quitting in the middle of a level.

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[this paragraph has been redacted due to a DMCA takedown notice furnished by Rockhead Games, the developer of Starlit Adventures]

Go back through old levels with new uniforms to top your high scores. For example, you might wear the archer suit the first time through so that you can kill more enemies, but doing this will cause you to have to skip areas in which you have to jump. So go to the same level again with the adventure suit and use your jumping ability to get to those hard-to-reach places.

You can trade sticker packs with your friends if you have duplicates, but to do this requires a Facebook connection. If you don’t have any other friends who play this game, post an add request on the comment section of this article. Or go to the App Store or Google Play review pages to find people who have posted their FB info requesting an add.

Once you’ve unlocked an achievement, you’ll see an icon pop up next to the medal icon. Go there to collect your experience points. Once your experience bar is full, you can level up, which will give you free tokens (the premium currency of the game) as well as a bonus stage and other goodies.