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Stop Curry – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Stop Curry is a new minigame for the iOS platform by Miguel Solano. Your board consists of a #30 ball representing Steph Curry, and your goal is to collect as many dots as possible before getting stopped by the various defending circles containing the numbers of OKC Thunder and Cleveland Cavaliers players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Stop Curry!

Your main form of control is tapping the screen to bounce Curry to the other side of the circle. If you tap and he bounces on top of a defender, that defender will disappear. Be sure to tap before you get overtaken; if you get hit, your run is done automatically.

The number of pop-up ads in this game is nearly astronomical, and if you want to get rid of the pop-up ads, the best way to do so is to set the phone into airplane mode or turn off all of the cellular data and disconnect yourself from any WiFi networks. However, doing this also takes away your ability to use the rescue option.

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If you die, you’ll see a purple button that says Rescue Me. If you tap the button, a video will play. When your video is done playing, start the game again and instead of resetting your score, you will still have your score from last time. You can do this as any times as you want, effectively allowing you to score an unlimited number of points as long as you have enough patience to keep it going.

If you die and then wait too long in the main menu, the game will start itself again automatically. When it starts itself again, you will automatically be rescued, regardless of whether you hit the rescue button or not. Sometimes when you do this, an ad will play in the middle of the game, but you will always be rescued, even if an ad doesn’t play in between death and restart.

Turn the phone sideways in order to have small Curry and defender circles and a huge board. Turn the phone upright in order to increase the size of the circles (as well as to slow them down) and to decrease the size of the board. Don’t turn the phone in the middle of a run or strange things will happen to the graphics for that run, although they will be fixed after the current run is over.