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Storm Casters Ultra: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Storm Casters Ultra is the sequel to the popular premium dungeon-crawler Storm Casters, for the iOS and Android platforms. Ultra is free to play, unlike the last one, but it’s still a premium-type experience with loads of unlockable dungeons and cards, and you can level up your character and beat the game without being forced to pay anything. Read on for some tips and tricks for Storm Casters Ultra!

At first you won’t be able to get too far into dungeons, at least without rushing massively, but the more you play, the further you’ll be able to get by using your gold coins to purchase time upgrades. Upgrade the time to give yourself more seconds to get through each room. Upgrade your attack power so that you can kill enemies faster, which also, of course, helps you get through each room faster.

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While you have to rush through the dungeons, make sure to stop and open the treasure chests as well. Treasure chests contain goodies such as cards and gold, and the more cards you get, the more options you have for your loadout before playing a level.

When you get two duplicate cards (or more), go to the card management screen, and a new “Fuse” option will appear. Tap it and the game will auto-fuse the two duplicate cards into a more powerful version of the same card. Shuffle as much as you need to in order to get the fused card into your lineup, because often the power of each card is fully doubled by the power-ups.

You’re going to get stuck on stages every so often. If you do get stuck then go to one of the older floors and complete it again, collecting everything that you can in the process. Earn as much gold as you can, and then use that gold to upgrade your character. Gain experience levels for extra rewards.

Warp stones are the official currency of the game. While it’s not necessary to buy them in order to succeed at the game, sometimes they are nice to have. Earn more of them by gaining experience levels, then save them up so that you can spend them on premium rare cards and other goodies.