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Storm of Magic Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints, Hacks and Strategies

Storm of Magic is a new tower defense game by Shamrock Games for the iPhone and other iOS devices. The action starts off easy in Storm of Magic, but gets difficult rather quickly. There’s three difficulty levels per stage, but even in the easy modes it starts to get dicey rather quickly, and then when the hard modes come – forget it, it gets insane. Read on for tips and tricks for Storm of Magic!

In the easier stages you can simply throw towers at the enemies who appear on screen and defeat them easily, but later on you need to strategize a bit. Don’t start setting towers up right away. Tap each tower and figure out who it’s strong against. Out of the beginning towers, the arrow tower is strong against flyers, the fire tower is strong against living ground troops and the cannon tower is strong against the machines (they have three star ratings against each of these enemies, respectively).

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When it’s time to build new towers, wait until the enemy troops start coming down each path to decide where to build them. Tap the speed down to 1x to give yourself more time to build towers and to put them in the right spots. Once your towers are placed, tap the speed back up to 3x to finish the round quickly.

Be quick to upgrade your towers as well. Oftentimes an upgraded tower can actually be more powerful and more useful than placing a second version of the same tower. Place the towers in spots where their range covers a lot of territory, too, so that they can hit enemies in more spots, because an out of range enemy is an enemy that will cause you to lose hearts and eventually lose the stage.

When you’re stuck on a stage, go back to an old stage and play the harder versions of it (first the medium one, then the hard one) to earn more magic crystals (the purple gems that you earn after every level), and upgrade your towers and magic spells. The fire tower is always a good bet to upgrade first (since the vast majority of your enemies are living ground troops), but the arrow towers have so many damage multipliers that they’re extremely effective as well.

When you’re using your magic spells to hit enemeis who are immune to towers, shoot them early on your path, so that the fireballs and other spells take out enemy troops around them, too.