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Stranger Things: The Game – All Gnomes Locations – How to find every lawn gnome

Stranger Things: The Game has eight dungeons and a ton of side quests, not unlike many Zelda games. One of the side quests is collecting all of the gnomes in the game. There are twelve gnomes total in the game. Some of them are in locations that are rather easy to find, while some of them are difficult, and all of them have their own specific names. They are used for opening chests in Phil Larsen’s house. Read on to figure out how to find every single one of the gnomes in Stranger Things: The Game!

Gnome 1 is David (see what they did there?). You can find him north of Chief Hopper’s house, which is the mobile home that backs up against the lake. Gnome 2 is Bumble. You’re going to need Will in order to get this one. Once you have Will, go back to the Forest Maze dungeon and start going through pipes on the east side of the dungeon. You’ll find Bumble on the other end of one of them.

Gnome 3 is Grumble, which is very easy to find. Go back to Hawkins Lab, the very first dungeon in the game, and then go to the east of the compound. A dirt path leads south, and at the end of the path is the gnome. Gnome 4 is Tumble. Once you have Nancy, go to the small forest just south of the school and smash the logs to get inside, which is where Tumble is located.

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Gnome 5 is Sam, who is inside of the middle school. Look for the wall with cracks in it, then use Nancy to break through the wall with her baseball bat to get to Sam. Gnome 6 is Pipsy. Use Will to climb through the pipe south of Chief Hopper’s house and you’ll end up at the corn maze. Use Nancy to smash through the breakable log to get to Pipsy.

Gnome 7 is Tipsy. Head to the area near the sewer entrance, in the forest to the east of Hopper’s house. Tipsy will be near a bear guarding a chest. Robil is the 8th gnome. To get Robil, get Will and then go back to Hawkins laboratory and look around for a room with a pipe in it. Crawl through the pipe to get to Robil.

Gnome 9 is Bobil. Once you have Will, go to the sewer and in the very first room, there will be a pipe. Go through that pipe to get to Bobil. Gnome 10 is Wigglebum, who can be found on the east side of the Public Library, near the entrance to the Upside Down.

Gnome 11 is Lord Twinklenose. LT is in a house with a blue roof near the High School. Go inside of the house and you’ll find the gnome in the northwest corner. Gnome 12 is Pop. First, get Dustin, then go to Sattler Quarry and look for the bear blocking the door. Use the pudding to lure the bear away from the door. Go inside the cave, go through it and out the other side to get Pop.