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Stretch Dungeon – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Stretch Dungeon is a new game for the iPhone and Android platforms. You play in a dungeon that stretches inward and outward depending on if you are holding or not holding the screen. Your goal is to get your little guy through the dungeon, as far as you can without hitting any obstacles and ending your run. Read on for some tips and tricks for Stretch Dungeon!

The entire level is stretchy, and if you tap the screen, it will stretch outward. Your little guy slides down automatically, and one of the worst obstacles that he faces are spikes. Hold down on the screen and the spikes will retract inwards, and he will be able to slide right past them.

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As you slide down the level you will be able to hit jars, and when you break them they’ll either contain a gem, a spiked bomb, or nothing. Avoid the spiked bombs, but collect all of the gems that you can. Gems will allow you to continue a level after you die, instead of starting back over from the beginning.

You also have the option to watch an ad in order to start a level over again if you die. You get one of the ad options, and a 15-gem restart and a 30-gem restart per round, then a 60 gem restart and so on, so use your restarts wisely by saving them until you die on a good run. Don’t use them after dying on a two-point run because that’s most likely going to be a harder level and a waste of gems.

Each level has a specific number of points that you have to earn before you reach the end. Once you reach 15 points in the first level, you will unlock the second level, and every 15 points you will unlock a new level. Currently there are four total levels in the game, but as updates come along, more levels are sure to be added.

To speed up the unlocking of levels, start from the beginning without using any of the gem restarts for the first time, and collect gems on your run. Load up on gems (or just buy some in the in-app purchase store) and then select one run on your latest unlocked level, blowing as many gem unlocks as you need to in order to reach the next area.