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Stump Me 2: All Answers and Solutions to All Levels and Questions

Stump Me 2 is the sequel to one of the most popular trick question games for the iOS and Android platforms, also starting NBA start and Internet meme legend Nick Young. Just like the original Stump Me, your goal is to think outside the box and come up with the answers to all sorts of silly questions.

You’re going to have to complete math problems, think of a more complicated or simpler answer than you might initially think of, move the phone in various ways, and more in order to solve these strange problems.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Stump Me 2!

Level 1: How many ants are there? Drag the leaf all the way onto the screen and then count. There are 8 total ants.

Level 2: To help her escape, take the key off of the gatekeeper’s waist and put it in the jail cell lock.

Level 3: To hold for 8 seconds, tap the screen to start the game, then bounce the bird through all of the traps without hitting any of the obstacles.

Level 4: To open the bottle cap, swipe right over and over about 30 times total on the bottle cap until it comes all the way off of the bottle.

Level 5: To make the equation 1-6=8 true, flip the phone over and it will turn into 8=9-1, which is a true equation.

Level 6: To hold for 8 seconds again, run the bird into the smooth pipe with no spikes on it, and bounce the bird against the smooth pipe that whole time.

Level 7: To help the car reach the finishing point, drag the stop sign out of the way and then tap the car to make it go to the end.

Level 8: To help her escape again, zoom out on her with two fingers to shrink her enough that she can walk out of the cell between the cages.

Level 9: The two differences are in the top left and top right corners of the pictures. One is a cloud, the other is the actual letter of the picture (A and B).

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Level 10: To hold for 8 seconds again, tap and then let the bird fall into the paper boat. It will stay there for 8 secons and you will pass.

Level 11: To walk to the finishing point, just tap the arrow buttons until you get to the red flag.

Level 12: To make the equation true, move the match with the red tip to make 9-5=0 into 6-6=0.

Level 13: To return the “awesome” gesture, tap all of the fingers on the hand except for the thumb. You want only the thumb sticking out.

Level 14: To open the box, swipe down on the handle to unlock it, then tap the green button to open it.

Level 15: To help her escape again, grab the key from the top right corner of the screen and drag it down to the lock to open the lock.

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Level 16: To help the car reach the finishing point again, tilt the screen to the right so that gravity takes the car there.

Level 17: To spot the differences again, look for the dart on the dartboard to the right side, then swipe the top couch to change its color, and tap that too.

Level 18: To hold for 8 seconds again, swipe down on the shark sticking out of the water to make it go away, then drop the bird into the boat again.

Level 19: You are number one! Tap all of the fingers except for the index finger. Only the index finger should stick out.

Level 20: To help Santa deliver the gifts, drag the key in the upper right corner to the door, then when it opens, drag Santa inside.

Level 21: How many ants are there? Move all of the ants around to find hidden ones. There are 7 total.

Level 22: To help her escape again, find the hammer inside of the bible, then use it to smash out the cracked piece of wall.

Level 23: To walk to the finishing point, walk around the outside of the maze and walk to the red flag on the other side.

Level 24: To turn the lamp on, simply tap the button on the lamp and it will come on.

Level 25: To open the bottle cap, turn the phone upside down and the cap will fall right off.

Level 26: To help Santa deliver the gifts, drag him up to the chimney on top of the house and he will go in.

Level 27: To find out how many ants there are, zoom out on the tree to expand it and see the ants. There are 9 total ants.

Level 28: The two differences in the picture are that one is folded in the corner, and the two pictures have different numbers in the upper right corner.

Level 29: To open the box again, tap on both handles to unlock them, then swipe the box open with two fingers.

Level 30: To hold for 8 seconds again, move the bird underneath the spiky pipe, then tap over and over to stick its head against the bottom of the pipe for 8 seconds.

Level 31: To help her escape again, turn the phone upside down to make the key fall out of the cup, then put the key in the lock.

Level 32: To make it so that you win again, retract every finger except your index and middle fingers, so that you make a peace sign.

Level 33: To take the car to the finishing point again, drag the “back” button from the top left corner onto the stop sign and the car will drive on the other path.

Level 34: Which one is not an ant? Look for the spider in the middle of the picture, slightly to the bottom-left.

Level 35: To help Santa deliver the gifts again, tap the present to open it and reveal a bone. Give the bone to the dog, then put Santa inside of the house.

Level 36: To walk her to the finishing point, just drag her over to the flag with your finger instead of using arrows.

Level 37: To turn on the lamp this time, put your finger down on each end of the broken cord.

Level 38: To make the equation true, take 5+6=6 and remove the 5+ to make it 6=6.

Level 39: To open the box, flip the red lever, then the silver handle in order to unlock it. Then swipe right on the green light in order to open the box.

Level 40: To help the car reach the finishing point, pick it up with your finger and carry it over to the flag, around the rock.

Level 41: How many ants are there this time? Only count the ones with six legs. There are 4 total ants.

Level 42: What are the differences this time? The differences are the painting on the left side of the room, and the second is: shake your phone and the champagne in one of the paintings will pop.

Level 43: Santa can’t enter with all of the dogs there. Put the gift into the mailbox instead.

Level 44: To make 5+2=7 true, wipe the smudge off of the equal’s sign by rubbing it with your finger.

Level 45: To open the honey bottle cap, use two fingers at the same time to lift it off of the jar.

Level 46: To make the OK hand sign, lower the thumb and the index finger and raise all of the other fingers.

Level 47: To open the box, swipe up on the latch to turn it, swipe right on it to move it, then swipe right on the green light to open the box.

Level 48: To help the car reach the finish line, move the red flag with your finger and put it on top of the car.

Level 49: To find the differences, swipe right five times on the window to reveal the different items outside of it, then tap it, then tap the flower in the pot that’s different.

Level 50: to help Santa deliver again, move the stop sign form off the screen to get rid of the barbed wire, then put Santa in the door.

Level 51: To walk to the finishing point again, tap the piece of wall that’s a bit darker to make it disappear, then use the arrow buttons to walk.

Level 52: To turn the lamp on, move the bird’s perch down to the frayed wires to connect them, which we’ll turn on the lamp.

Level 53: To make 5+0=13 true, swipe down on the 0 to reveal another 0, then put it below the other 0 to make it an 8.

Level 54: To open the bottle of soda, shake your phone to make bubbles, then swipe up on the fist to punch it and open it.

Level 55: To make the “life is difficult” gesture, raise only the middle finger on the hand.

Level 56: To open the box again, light up 4, 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, #, then swipe right on the green light.

Level 57: To open the bottle again, tap the feet of the boot and he will kick the cap off.

Level 58: To switch on the lamp, grab the light bulb out if the hint button and put it in the lamp.

Level 59: help her get to the end by dragging the red flag over to her position.

Level 60: To turn on the lamp again, drag the screen to the right to find the lamp switch, then tap it to turn it on.


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Friday 14th of February 2020

Level 93 find the diamond is not working I have flipped her hand over several times and the diamond appears but nothing happens


Wednesday 15th of January 2020