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Stump Me! (iOS/Android): All Classic and Challenge Answers and Solutions: Full Walkthrough (UPDATED)

Stump Me! is a new iOS and Android trick question game featuring a drawing of NBA player/meme star Nick Young. You have to figure out trick question and logic puzzles where you have to think outside of the box in order to get the answer right.

This can include solving a math problem, move your phone or shake it in a specific way, answer a question with a seemingly ridiculous answer, or even, sometimes, just give an unexpected straightforward answer to a question. Now there are both a Classic Mode and several Challenge Modes, and we have answers for all of them!

Read on for every answer to every question and level in Stump Me!

Level 1: The biggest fruit is the yellow squash. Not the watermelon since it’s only a slice. The squash is the biggest, both in picture and in person.

Level 2: To turn on the air conditioner, move the microwave, then the tissue box, then the coffee, then the table, then tap on the remote control to turn it on.

Level 3: To find the largest color area, look at the size of each of the color areas and tap on the word that represents the color. White is the biggest, so tap the word “white”, not the color white that has the word yellow inside it.

Level 4: To make all of the water bottles the same, tap and drag the water out of each one of them in order to make them all empty.

Level 5: To make the black hole devour everything, drag all of the objects over to the black hole, then drag the question over to the black hole as well.

Level 6: To find the biggest fish, drag all of the smaller fish inside the mouth of the big fish, and the big fish will eat them, and grow even bigger. Then tap on the big fish.

Level 7: To find which bottle of champagne is different, all that you have to do is shake your phone and the champagnes will explode. One of them will be a different color than the rest of them.

Level 8: When the game asks for feedback, simply tap any one of the available options. There is no wrong answer here.

Level 9: To count her hair, take off the wig and you’ll see that she has zero hairs on her head.

Level 10: To help with ticket checking at the concert, simply take the ticket in two fingers and do a pulling apart motion to split the ticket in half.

Level 11: How many candies are on the table? None, because there is no table in the picture. So change the answer to 0.

Level 12: Ignore the pattern in the question. 1=10 as stated in the question, so 10=1.

Level 13: To find the smallest fruit, ignore all of the fruit in the question and tap on the word “fruit” in the question.

Level 14: To clean the car, ignore all of the cleaning supplies, and tap and rub on the car, then tap and rub, tap and rub, over and over again until the car is clean.

Level 15: To take your temperature, put your finger on the base of the thermometer for a bit, and it will then rise to your temperature.

Level 16: To wake up the bat, grab the sun with your finger and drag it down below the screen. Bats wake up at night and sleep during the day, so no sun means the bat wakes up.

Level 17: There are 8 holes in the shirt. Each of the holes in the front is actually two holes since they have a front and a back hole.

Level 18: To put a big pink elephant into the fridge, tap and zoom with two fingers to shrink it down, so that it can fit inside of the refrigerator, then put it in.

Level 19: To make the equation 9+5=11 work, turn the phone upside down and it becomes 11=5+6, therefore it will be correct.

Level 20: To turn on the light, tap on the lightbulb in the upper right corner of the screen that would normally be used for a hint.

Level 21: To enter the current time, enter the phone time but in military time. So 7:00 AM would be 0700, but 7:00 PM would be 1900.

Level 22: To open the door without using a key, put your finger on the tiny little fingerprint sensor below the door handle for about five seconds.

Level 23: To find out what color is missing from the rainbow, mix the red and the yellow together to make orange because that’s what’s missing.

Level 24: To light up the lamp, place your finger on either side of the broken wire. Your body conducts electricity so the lamp will light up.

Level 25: To make all of the water bottles the same again, turn your phone upside down to pour them out.

Level 26: To find the number under the bag, all that you have to do is move the bag out of the way. The number is 9.

Level 27: To give the dog a bone, drag the word bone out of the question and give it to the dog.

Level 28: To click on the next button to pass, drag the word “next” out of the question and onto the green button, then press the green button.

Level 29: To wake up the kid, put one finger over her nose for about five seconds and she will turn red, then wake up.

Level 30: To find the yellow duck, swipe to move the white ducks downward, and a yellow duck will then show up from the top of the screen.

Level 31: To click the thumb ten times, count the clicks yourself and ignore the counter, because the counter is wrong. Then hit the button.

Level 32: To help the ant beat the elephant, grab the ant with two fingers and zoom out to make it huge enough to beat the elephant.

Level 33: To get the right answer to 11+22, tap on the 33 in “level 33” and you will pass the level.

Level 34: To dry the dress, pick it up and swipe it around over and over until it’s dry.

Level 35: To open the box, drag the lid and the box apart vertically with two fingers and a jack in the box will pop out.

Level 36: To make a rectangle, tap the yellow trapezoid and drag it until the pointy edge is completely off of the screen.

Level 37: Ignore all of the food icons. The plate underneath the watermelon is the one that’s inedible, so tap that one.

Level 38: To make a fire, ignore all of the rest of the items, and swipe your finger quickly back and forth over the wood.

Level 39: To find the most special lemon, shake the phone and the lemon will fall, and then it will come to life and grow legs.

Level 40. There is no circle in the list of shapes, but there is one in the question. To find the circle, tap on the period in the shape since it’s shaped like a circle.

Level 41: To continue to watch the basketball live on the TV, look for the mouse arrow-style cursor in the top left corner of the TV, then

Level 42: To tear down the paper, use one finger to hold the paper clip on the clipboard, then your other finger to swipe the paper off of it.

Level 43: To figure out the number under the bag, turn the phone upside down and count the numbers. The hidden number is 87.

Level 44: To figure out what direction the arrow from Cupid is pointing, look at the actual direction it’s facing, not the word it’s facing. It’s facing left.

Level 45; To help him do his homework, grab his glasses with your finger and remove them from his face so that he can see the math problem.

Level 46: To defeat the boss, combine the three flames into the center to make one big purple flame, then tap it to hit the boss with it.

Level 47: To unlock your phone, slide the circle to the left (off of the phone screen picture) to unlock.

Level 48: To let each plate have an apple, put the word apple from the question onto an empty plate.

Level 49: To count all of the coins, tap on the piggy bank until it breaks, then count all of the coins including both inside and outside of the bank.

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Level 50: To enter the passcode, enter what’s on the mirror but upside down. It’s 80021.

Level 51: To catch the mosquito, put your finger on the screen for about five seconds, and the mosquito will fly to it. Then tap it with your other finger to swat it.

Level 52: To take a blind guess at the password, use the elf as a hint. Enter 1225#, since 12/25 is Christmas.

Level 53: To figure out which one should not appear here, click on the mosquito.

Level 54: To make the equation work, drag the top half of the 8 over to the blank space to make it 0+0=0.

Level 55: To help the car to reach its final destination, tilt the road down using your finger to make it roll over the finish line.

Level 56: To turn 5 bars of into 6 bars of candy, ignore the babies, and move the number 5 to the number 6’s position in the question, or vice versa.

Level 57: There are zero curves in the picture below. The picture is purely an optical illusion.

Level 58: To click on the fruit from small to large, click on the word “fruit”, then the little pink fruit, then the watermelon slice, then the banana, then the squash. The tomato is not counted as a fruit.

Level 59: To find out where the volcano is, tap on the word “volcano” in the question. That’s the only place it is.

Level 60: To figure out which one should not appear here, shake the phone to slam the eggs against the glass. All of them will break. One of them will have a chicken inside, while the others splatter.

Level 61: The cat is 74, the beaver is 96, therefore the upside down beaver is 69. 74-69=5.

Level 62: To keep the scale in balance, empty out both sides of the scale and they will then be balanced.

Level 63: To help the captain find his hook, take the question mark and put it on his empty hook hand to make it into a hook.

Level 64: When the apple appears, click on the word “it” in the question. Clicking on the apple will do no good.

Level 65: To read the love letter that your goddess gives you, grab the envelope with your finger, flip the phone upside down, and the letter will fall out of the envelope.

Level 66: To make the elevator go down, grab the elevator and drag the whole thing downward off the screen.

Level 67: To break the record, tap the record/trophy over and over again until the record breaks, literally.

Level 68: To guess the password, look at the shapes formed by the spaces between the blocks. It says 2019.

Level 69: To find the strongest of the balloons, put all of the balloons up against the “skip level” arrow to pop them, except one of them won’t pop. That one is the strongest one.

Level 70: To make the dog sleep, tap and drag the sun over to the dog’s mouth. The dog will take a bite of it and it will become the moon.

Level 71: The question says no photos, so press a finger down on the lens of the camera for about five seconds, and you’ll pass the level.

Level 72: This time, to make the elevator go down, tap and drag the word “elevator” in the question downwards.

Level 73: To work out X, simply tap on the “x” that’s inside of the triangle.

Level 74: To stun the hamster, drag it out of the hole with one finger, then use the other finger to pick up the hammer and smash it.

Level 75: To figure out whose cellphone it is, press your finger on the phone for about three seconds to trigger the fingerprint ID sensor and unlock it.

Level 76: To help the two men get together, zoom out on the little rock at the bottom to make it big, then place it across the gap so that they can cross it.

Level 77: To answer which palm is the most similar to hers, tap on her other palm (the one that’s behind her).

Level 78: To mix the liquid in the test tube, put your finger over the mouth of the tube and shake your phone to mix the liquids without spilling.

Level 79: To make the bat fall asleep, turn your phone upside down, since that’s how bats like to hang.

Level 80: To click the fingers without getting bitten by the crocodile, use two fingers to hold the crocodile’s mouth shut, and then use a third finger to tap the hand.

Level 81: To keep them in balance, swipe down on the left side of the teeter-totter.

Level 82: To make a heart, turn on the lamp using the switch on the base of it, then the heart will appear in the shadow on the book.

Level 83: To help her cross the street, swipe over and over on the “no” in “no entry” to make it disappear and to make the light turn green.

Level 84: The baby is to shy, so to help calm the baby, pick up the phone and rock it like you would rock a baby.

Level 85: To help the blue team win, turn the phone upside down and the score will change to 18-6 blue.

Level 86: To help the rabbit find the way home, press start, then move the bottom right cage away, then put the rabbit in the hole that the cage was covering.

Level 87: To make them share one apple, grab the apple with two fingers and split it in half.

Level 88: To make 1+3+1+4=2 work, cover the 3 and the 4 with your fingers to turn it into 1+1=2.

Level 89: To save his money, swipe on the TV over and over again until her appearance changes.

Level 90: The man wants to swim, so to help him, shake your phone to break the ice and turn it back into water.

Level 91: To find the queen of hearts, swipe from the right to the left and a contraption with a fifth card in it will appear from off of the right side of the screen. Tap it and it will be the queen of hearts.

Level 92: To help the car move forward, simply use your finger to lift the rock out of the way. Once you move the rock, the car will drive through automatically.

Level 93: To find stars, don’t tap on anything. Instead, pick up your phone and shake it and stars will appear over the heads of the characters. Tap the stars to pass the level.

Level 94: To stop the fire, take the two clouds and put them together, and they will turn into a large cloud with rain falling out of it. Move the rain cloud and position it so that the rain is overlapping the fire to make the fire go out.

Level 95: To confess to your girl, use your finger to rub out the top of the equation, which transforms it into “I LOVE YOU” on the whiteboard.

Level 96: To make the volcano erupt, grab the sun out of the sky and stick it into the mouth of the volcano. If you aim it right, it will go inside and cause an eruption.

Level 97: To stop the fire in “What should we do?”, tap the fire emergency button over and over and over until the glass breaks. Then you’ll call the firefighters and beat the level.

Level 98: To put the phone into the pocket, aim the hand perfectly so that the phone goes completely inside, without any of the side of the phone sticking out, and then drop it in.

Level 99: To make the balloons blast, tap the hedgehog over and over to annoy it and cause it to flare out its spikes. Then pick it up and use it to pop all four of the balloons.

Level 100: To find a lemon, tap the tree over and over again to shake it. When you tap it enough times, a lemon will fall out and you will pass.

Level 101: To find the bear in the group of cats, look for the one with a thicker body in the top left area of the picture. It’s in the following diagram:

Level 102: To turn on the light, use the flashlight to find the light switch in the upper left area of the room. Then tap on the switch to turn the light on.

Level 103: To find a bird, use your finger to grab tufts of leaves out of the tree, one at a time, until you see the bird. Then tap on the bird.

Level 104: To feed the dinosaur, put anything that looks like food in the dinosaur’s mouth. Don’t feed the dinosaur the bomb.

Level 105: To find the ring, pick up the rock and drag it to the piggy bank. It will smash the piggy bank, and the ring will come popping out. Then tap on the ring.

Level 106: To make the girl look higher, tap on her feet and then drag them downward. When you do this, you’ll stretch her legs out longer, making her taller.

Level 107: To be lucky with the spinning wheel, instead of using the start button, tap and drag to turn the wheel so that the arrow is pointing to where the gold and cash are.

Level 108: To find something to eat, take the poop and put it on top of the upside-down umbrella. Do this and it will turn into ice cream.

Level 109: To find the two differences, first, tap on the green plant that’s different between the two. Then, move the bottom picture’s butterfly away to turn it into a different colored butterfly, then tap it.

Level 110: He needs to exercise, so to make him exercise, all that you have to do is tap him and make him do situps 20-30 times.

Level 111: To open the safe deposit box, ignore all of the tools except for the umbrella. Put the top of the umbrella up to the keyhole.

Level 112: To combine to make the smallest value, be sure to consider the period in the question, in addition to the 35890. Type 0.3589.

Level 113: To jump like a frog, shake your phone upward once, then the frog will jump and eat a fly. Shake it upward two more times, and the frog will jump two more times and eat the two extra flies.

Level 114: To make the biggest number, take the two zeroes and put them next to each other to turn them into an infinity symbol. Then hit OK once you’ve done that. (note: currently a glitch is causing the combination not to work, so just skip the level using lightbulbs)

Level 115: To “leave me alone for a moment”, go to the open apps menu on your phone (how you get there depends on if you have iOS or Android). Don’t exit out of the game though. Go back to the game after that, and you’ll pass.

Level 116: You can tap each number more than one time, and some numbers you don’t have to tap at all. So to make the biggest number, type 999.

Level 117: To put the blue elf to the right side of the green elf, turn the phone screen upside down, which will reverse the sides of each of the elves.

Level 118: To click the box at the left side, grab the box and move it partially off of the left side of the screen, so that it’s now “on the left side”. Then tap the box.

Level 119: To put them all into the correct spots, put the apple and the hammer into the spots in which they fit. Then put the rubber duck into the apple dotted line. (NOTE: this one might not read right, so just skip the level with a video if that happens)

Level 120: The guy does not like rain, so to make the rain go away, grab the clouds with two fingers and split them apart, making them go away, and thus making the rain stop.

Level 121: Try to clear the level, but the “CLICK ME” button won’t do anything. Instead, there is a very very faint “NEXT” halfway in between the Level 121 and the question. Tap that one instead.

Level 122: If you tap the stunned hamster then you’ll just cause it to go to another hole. Instead, cover the two empty holes with two fingers, then use the third finger to tap the hamster and whack it.

Level 123: To beat your rival in rock paper scissors, move yourself to your rival’s spot, or your rival to your spot, in order to trade spots. Then hit the start button and you’ll win the next one.

Level 124: To help him have a rest, put your finger in the middle of the center gear and hold it there for about five seconds. The gear will gradually slow down, and then stop turning altogether, so that the guy can stop moving.

Level 125: To dispel the ghosts, ignore all of the religious items at the bottom of the screen, and instead use your finger to drag the clouds away. The sun will come out and the ghost will go away.

Level 126: To make the 20+10=10 equation work, grab the paper that the equation is written on, then drag it off of the left side of the screen until the 20 disappears, making it 10=10.

Level 127: To hide the cat, grab the cat and drag it off of the screen until you can’t see it anymore, or can barely see it.

Level 128: To turn on all of the lights, grab the one light that is not on, and drag it off of the screen to win instantly (since all of the other lights are turned on)

Level 129: To find out what’s behind the paper, turn your phone horizontally/landscape mode, then flip it all the way over to see what’s behind the paper.

Level 130: To exceed the third place finish, simply take your character and place him on the third place side of the podium.

Level 131: To tap all of the numbers from small to big, hit the reload button as many times as you need to in order to make the numbers pop up again. Screen cap the numbers if you want to reference back to their positions, and tap the positions of each of the numbers even when it seems like you are getting no game response.

Level 132: Where will the hand go after three hours? It starts at 3, and after three hours, it will still be at 3, because that’s not a clock, but merely a picture of a clock.

Level 133: To open the safe, tap on the key in the upper right corner of the screen, then close out of the “watch a video for a key” pop up window. The key will unlock the safe, and the safe will open.

Level 134: How many fingers do they have? Ignore how many fingers they are holding up. Two people + two hands each + five fingers per hand = 20 fingers.

Level 135: You can hit the numbers more than once in order to make 10. The three numbers that add up to 10 are 3, 3, and 4.

Level 136: The sum of the biggest numbers is 24, because the biggest numbers on the keypad are 7, 8, and 9. Ignore the dominoes.

Level 137: It takes five minutes to boil an egg. It takes five minutes to boil three eggs, because you can just put all three of the eggs in the same boiling pot, or boil them using three pots.

Level 137: You’re going to be late. What should you do? Grab the red flower below the roadway, and then give it to the girl sticking her head out of the car.

Level 139: To find the real werewolf, keep tapping the clock to wind it forward 24 hours, over and over again. Each time, the moon will come out a bit more. Do this 20-30 times and when you finally have a full moon, you’ll reveal the real werewolf. Then tap on the werewolf.

Level 140: To hit the bullseye, grab the target and put the center of the target right over the end of the soldier’s gun. Then tap the soldier and he’ll shoot a bullseye in the target.

Level 141: The question says don’t ignite the bomb. So that you have to do is wait until the timer runs out and don’t tap the screen, and you pass.

Level 142: To find the bottom of the sea, scroll to the left, so that the mermaid scrolls off of the screen to the right. You’ll see some coral. Tap them and you will pass.

Level 143: To wake her up this time, just shake your phone until she wakes up.

Level 144: To make the pen work, just run it over the paper over and over until it starts writing.

Level 145: To find the Christmas gift, move the bed covers, the pillow, and the stocking out of the way and then tap the gift box.

Level 146: To help the crow to drink water, turn your phone upside down to spill the water out so the crow can drink it.

Level 147: small canopy cannot keep the rain off, so To do a better job keeping the rain off, tap the draw string over and over to extend the canopy.

Level 148: To help the police catch the bad guy, put two fingers on both of the cars, one finger each, then drag the police car closer to the other car.

Level 149: To catch the snow, start the level with your phone upright. If it wasn’t upright already, then restart the level with the phone in the right position. Then lay the phone down on its back.

Level 150: To cool the cup down, all that you have to do is tap on the window to let night cool it down.

Level 151: To find the fish, swipe counterclockwise on the reel, and keep spinning it until the fish comes all the way up.

Level 152: To keep the consistency, grab the handle of the sword with one finger, then use the other finger to put the sheath back on.

Level 153: To find the bear, grab the train car on the far left side of the screen and use it to pull the train all the way to the right, revealing the bear.

Level 154: To get the nail out of the fire bracket, put the magnet into the hand and it will suck the nail out.

Level 155: To stop the runny nose, turn the phone upside down to make the snot go back in.

Level 156: The ring is under which cup? Use three fingers to tap on all three cups at the same time to reveal the ring.

Level 157: To find the ruby, pull up on the sword’s handle to reveal it.

Level 158: To find the bear, slide the curtain on the window sideways to reveal it.

Level 159: To open the cap on the coke bottle, swipe the cap to the left about five times and it will open.

Level 160: To let the red car win, press start, then hold down the blue and green cars with two fingers.

Level 161: To hide her, rub out all of the footprints in the snow using your finger, so that the wolf will not be able to find her.

Level 162: To find the biggest number, tap on the glasses that the student is wearing. They’re in the shape of an “Infinity” symbol.

Level 163: To catch them, zoom out on the golden bar in order to widen it so that you can catch both of the ducks at the same time with it. Then hit the go button.

Level 164: To tap the ball for goal, tap the ball and then see where it goes. It won’t go in, but it will go to the same place every time. Move the goal to where the ball is going, then tap again.

Level 165: To put the wallet into your pocket, fold it up by zooming in on it with two fingers, then put it in the shirt pocket.

Level 166: To wake up Shin, move the blanket upwards (not downwards) and out of the way, then tickle her with one finger.

Level 167: Which ladder is higher? Put all of the ladder pieces together to make the highest possible ladder.

Level 168: To kick to blow up the cola, grab the cola can with one finger and drag it down to your foot. Then tap the foot with another finger to kick. Repeat over and over until the can shatters.

Level 169: To cross the bridge without being caught, you need to play red light/green light with the guard. Tap the girl to stop her when you think the guard is going to open his eyes. When he closes them, then go. Repeat until you are all the way across.

Level 170: How heavy is the fruit on the right? Each scale is balanced and there are three 5kg balls on the left, so 15kg is the weight of the fruit on the right.

Level 171: To count the hairs on his head, turn the phone upside down. He has 10 hairs on his head.

Level 172: The fish has 12 teeth, but they are all at right angles from each other, so they appear to be just six teeth.

Level 173: It’s freezing, so drag your finger upwards on the space heater switch to turn to heat up.

Level 174: To wake her up, drag the hammer over to the bell and then tap to hammer the bell over and over.

Level 175: Write on what? Of all things on the screen, you would want to write on paper, so tap the paper in the top center-left corner of the screen.

Level 176: To hit the target, hold it with one finger to make sure it doesn’t move, then tap the soldier to shoot it.

Level 177: To drive south, tap on the N/S sign on the right side of the screen to flip it around and face your car south.

Level 178: To drill it into the wood, swipe left on the red handle over and over until it’s all the way down into the wood.

Level 179: To make him be quiet for awhile, take the X off of the mute symbol and put it over his mouth.

Level 180: Nothing can trouble me! To make it so that nothing can trouble you, tap on the fists until they knock out the question marks besides Nick Young’s head. Then repeat with the second set of question marks.

Challenge: Wake Her Up

Question 1: To wake her up, tap on the alarm over and over again.

Question 2: To wake her up this time, take the headphones off of her head.

Question 3: To wake her up now, put the cup of water over her head, then turn the phone upside down.

Question 4: To wake her up now, tap on the two doors at the same time to open them both and stop her from hiding.

Question 5: Drag the concrete pole from the left side of the screen to where she is in order to wake her up.

Question 6: Grab the poop and put it inside of the cage in front of her nose to wake her up.

Question 7: To wake her up now, shine the flashlight in her eyes and she will wake up.

Question 8: Now to wake her up, put the two clouds together in front of her face to create a rain storm and soak her.

Question 9: To wake her up, drag the cannon around and fire about 8 or 9 cannonballs at the airplane, hitting the plane with each of them.

Question 10: Drag the fire to the end of the wick on the cannon to light it in order to shoot a cannonball at the tank and wake the girl up.

Challenge: Escape From The Room

Level 1: Tap the door to open it and escape from the room.

Level 2: Now move the painting and find the key behind it, then open the door with the key to escape the room.

Level 3: Put the balloons on the girl to hang them from her back and fly her out of the room, allowing her to escape easily.

Level 4: Tap the window to open it and escape from the room.

Level 5: To escape from this one, drag the water can over to the plant to turn it into a pea shooter like in Plants Vs Zombies, so it takes out the zombie.

Level 6: Light up the 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 on the door by tapping them to match the H pattern on the wall to escape from the room.

Level 7: To escape the room, tap the key in the upper right hand corner of the screen to open the door.

Level 8: Give the ant to the girl and then zoom out on her to shrink her to ant size, then drag her under the door to escape the room.

Level 9: Tap on the painting on the door, and then tap to turn all of the squares until the entire painting is matched up together. It should look like this:

Level 10: Tap the lamp to turn it on and reveal the secret code on the wall, 1314, then tap the door and type it in to open the door and escape.

Challenge: Kill The Mosquito

Level 1: To smash the mosquito, just keep tapping it until you finally catch it.

Level 2: Drag the tree out into the foreground and when the mosquito goes for the apple on it, smash the mosquito.

Level 3: Drag the bug spray over to all four squares and when it gets to the last square, it will take care of the mosquito.

Level 4: Swipe right on the cap on the bug spray to unscrew it, then the fumes will cause the mosquito to fall into the cup of water.

Level 5: Drag the two green piles out of the way with two fingers at a time, then use a third finger to smash the mosquito by tapping it.

Level 6: Tap and hold the nail for about ten seconds to make “your” blood appear on it, which draws the mosquito. Then use your finger to tap and smash the mosquito.

Level 7: Tap the switch on the handle of the racket to turn on the electric mosquito zap. Then drag it over to the mosquito to zap it.

Level 8: Turn your phone upside down to drop the spider from the bottom log to the top log. A web will follow it and cause the mosquito to get trapped.

Level 9: Just tap one of the ninja stars when it’s in range of the mosquito so that it hits it.

Level 10: Merge the three stars together by dragging them over each other, then tap the combined star to fling it at the mosquito and smash it.

Challenge: Kill the Villain

Level 1: To knock off the villain, tap and drag the gun to aim it at his head. Then tap the gun to fire a round.

Level 2: To kill the villain again, shoot the floor out from under him to make him fall down.

Level 3: To kill the villain, grab the big spike on the ground and drag it upward, and hit the villain with it.

Level 4: To kill the villain again, merge the two clouds together over his head to make the villain put up the umbrella, then aim the gun and fire.

Level 5: To kill him again, drag the umbrella out of the way and then aim and fire.

Level 6: To kill the villain, drag his platform to the right. Then when you find the bomb, fire at the bomb to blow it up.

Level 7: To kill the villain, grab both of the shields with two fingers, then use a third finger to aim the gun and fire.

Level 8: To kill the villain on the tree branch, shake the phone and he will fall right off.

Level 9: To kill the villain in the house, switch to another running app on your phone or tablet and then switch it back. When you switch back, he will be out of the house, so you can aim and fire.

Level 10: To kill the villain in the log cabin, rub your finger on the house for about five seconds to set it on fire using friction.

Challenge: Christmas Gift

Level 1: To help Santa deliver the gift, use the key at the top right corner of the screen and drag it down to the door to unlock it.

Level 2: To help Santa deliver, drag him up to the chimney in the right hand corner of the house.

Level 3: To help Santa deliver the gift, tap on the gift to reveal a bone, then give the bone to the dog to lure it out.\

Level 4: To help Santa deliver the gift, stick it in the mailbox.

Level 5: To help Santa deliver the gifts, Swipe right on the stop sign to make it go away, which will make the barbed wire go away also. Then grab the gift out of Santa’s hand and stick it through the window of the house.

Level 6: To help deliver the gift, move the larger gifts until you have a gift small enough to fit through the jail cell, then stick it through.

Level 7: To help deliver the gift from Santa, tap all of the balloons to pop them and drop the house back on the ground, then drag the gift inside.

Level 8: To help Santa deliver the gifts again, remove the “no gift” sign from the house and then drag the gift over to the house.

Level 9: To help Santa deliver the gift, give it to the bird and the bird will drop it into the house.

Level 10: To help Santa deliver the gift to the submarine, drag the fishing hook down and put it on the submarine. When the submarine flips nose up, reel in the fishing rod and pull it all the way out of the water. Then put the gift in the sub.

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