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Stupid Game – Crazy Brain Game: (UPDATED) All 96+ Answers and Solutions to All Levels

Level 1: To clean the car, rub it with your finger until the dirt comes off.

Level 2: To make the biggest burning torch, put all of the torches on top of each other.

Level 3: Make the girl fall in love with you by moving the bicycle to reveal a Ferrari.

Level 4: To make the girl chase the boy, give the boy the girl’s purse.

Level 5: Which is the shortest? The tortoise is the shortest because in real life, it actually is shorter than a human of any age, including a baby.

Level 6: Which direction does the flashlight point? Tap “left” because it’s pointing toward the left button.

Level 7: How many candles are on the birthday cake? The answer is 0, because in the picture, there is no birthday cake.

Level 8: To find the water, turn the phone upside down and the water will spill out.

Level 9: Shake the phone hard to crack the earth and build an earthquake with a magnitude higher than six.

Level 10: The lightbulb is the farthest from “us”, as in the word “us” in the question. All of the other objects are closer to the word in the question.

Level 11: To choose the girl to bring home, tap on all four of the girls.

Level 12: To make your boyfriend stay forever, tap on both of his legs to break them.

Level 13: To fill in the blank, type the R. The number order is a reference to a manual transmission.

Level 14: Rip the money by gripping it with two fingers and moving them apart.

Level 15: To pick up five apples, tap the whole apple five times, since the apple slices don’t count as whole apples.

Level 16: The rule of the fruit is to click them in alphabetical order based on the letter that they start with. The order is Apple, then Banana, then Orange.

Level 17: Tap the red button ten times, and avoid the blue button, but watch out for the red and blue buttons to switch places. Tap slowly.

Level 18: To make the girl more beautiful, move the wig, tap on the phone, and then take a picture.

Level 19: To find out how many apples, shake the phone to make more apples fall out of the tree. Then count all of the total apples.

Level 20: Which direction is the flashlight pointing to now? All wrong, because the flashlight is off.

Level 21: The bucket that’s different from the others is the top right one, because it held water before.

Level 22: To capture the star, tap OK when the star is inside of the crosshairs. Make sure that the star is centered perfectly or you will have to restart.

Level 23: To choose who to marry, give the knife to the guy across from you.

Level 25: Simply click on the balloons from small number to large number, 1, then 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, then 9.

Level 26: Green took the most area of the circle, so put the blue and yellow buttons together to make green.

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Level 27: To open the champagne, shake the phone to shake the champagne, then tap the cork to pop it.

Level 28: To compete with Dwayne Johnson, before he gets to you, give the guy the protein and the green marker to become the Hulk.

Level 29: To put the right password, look around the screen. K=0, E=5, Y=4, so the password is 054.

Level 30: To “shake this phone”, grab the on-screen phone with one finger, then shake your actual phone.

Level 31: To not let people know that you have money, place the piece of paper over the $100 bill on your screen.

Level 32: To find the biggest number, click on the number that has the biggest font size. That is number 39.

Level 33: To click on the longest block, stack all three blocks on top of each other and then tap the combined mega block.

Level 34: If yesterday is today, then today is Friday. What day is today? Tap Friday, since the question said it.

Level 35: Dan was killed, and the murderer left a message on the computer: “werasdfzxc”. Who is most likely to be the murderer? Katy is.

Level 36: Click the yellow button five times, then merge the two buttons together and click the green button five times.

Level 37: To click the button ten times, move “Button” out of the way to reveal a button that says “the button”, then click it ten times.

Level 38: 7 sheep are playing hide and seek, and 3 of them have been found. How many of them are left? 3 are left (six hiders and one seeker)

Level 39: A bunny goes to the bank to withdraw money. He saw five people lined in front and two behind. How many people are there? 7 (the bunny is not a person)

Level 40: Let’s get some ketchup. To do that, swipe left on the bottle cap, then turn the phone upside down and shake it to get ketchup out.

Level 41: To kill the monster again, drag the plus sign into the empty square and tap it to power up the sword, then tap the sword to take out the monster.

Level 42: Sally did a bite lip makeup, can you find her? She is the second one.

Level 43: To make a true equation, drag the orange cat to the box, then drag all five fish to the box, then click OK.

Level 44: To light the lamp, put two fingers on each end of the frayed wire to light it up with your body’s electricity.

Level 45: To pick the different girl, turn the phone upside down and tap the one with the different underwear.

Level 46: To beat the man who’s kicking you, move the water bottle to his feet and he will kick the lid off and become happy.

Level 47: The largest possible number is 999 since you can tap the same number twice.

Level 48: To save the monster, swipe down on the chain over and over and over again. After about 30-40 swipes maximum, the chain will break and the monster will be free.

Level 49: To click the box on the left, swipe the box on screen from left to right to move it out of the way and reveal the box to the left of it. Then tap that box.

Level 50: To help students get onto the bus, swipe up from the school bus up to the cliff. If you hit it in the right spot, a rope will appear. Tilt to the left and students will then slide down the rope to get on the bus.

Level 51: After the zombie disaster, which girl will survive? Shake the phone to make girl D’s breasts bounce, then tap on her.

Level 52: To solve 2+2=?, move all of the answers out of the way to reveal a student holding up four fingers, then tap on that student.

Level 53: To have some fun, tap on the CD the man’s carrying to stick it in the CD player. Then shake the phone multiple times to make the men start dancing (like in Night at the Roxbury). Then tap the car when all three of them are dancing and bouncing their heads.

Level 54: Leo has 6 daughters, each of whom has 1 brother. They all have the same brother, so Leo has 7 children total.

Level 55: They want you to click the ads, but tap on the no ad button three times (the name changes each time) to pass.

Level 56: To click on the numbers in order, when you get to the number 56, tap the Level 56 sign.

Level 57: To make the smallest number, put the decimal point in between the first and second number and swap numbers to make 1.59.

Level 58: To click the fruit from largest to smallest, tap on the watermelon, apple, then strawberry. The other two are not fruit.

Level 59: To hit the bullseye, move the bullseye slightly up or down, then tap at the middle and the cursor will slide either up or down depending on when you tapped, and you will hit it.

Level 60: How many holes in the cloth? Tap the 6 in “level 60” to get the right answer.

Level 61: To put everything into the box, put all of the objects, plus the question, plus all of the buttons at the top.

Level 62: To kill the boss, merge all three skills together to make a new sword skill, then tap it to knock off the boss in one hit.

Level 63: To click to jump and move a mile consistently, just jump over all of the red boxes until the counter goes to 1.

Level 64: Where is the car parked at? Turn the phone upside down to see the number pattern. The car is parked on 87.

Level 65: Hello? What did you say? I can’t hear you! To pass this one, turn your phone volume all the way up.

Level 66: Put your finger on the base of the thermometer to make it rise to your body temperature.

Level 67: To hide the elephant, swipe it downward off the screen to move it out of sight.

Level 68: Slide left to unlock. Swipe the arrow to the left, off of the screen.

Level 69: To help the boy pass through the puddle, put the girl on the puddle so she lays down on it.

Level 70: put the star and the bottle in their respective silhouettes, then put the triangle into the star silhouette on top of the star.

Level 71: To defeat the monster, plug your phone into a charger and then tap the hero.

Level 72: To find the piggy, zoom in on the minion to reveal his piggy tattoo. Then tap on it.

Level 73: To find the hidden pocket money, move everything. There’s 10 behind the curtains, 5 behind the sofa, 50 behind the button, and 1 behind the wig of the dad in the painting. 66 total.

Level 74: Until now, how many questions have you answered? You’re on level 74, so you have answered 73 already.

Level 75: Take the “next level” out of the question and place it on the blank button, then tap the button to pass.

Level 76: Tap the red button 15 times. Count manually because the counter skips numbers. Then tap success to pass.

Level 77: To put the hat on, put the phone screen-side down on top of your head.

Level 78: Party in the castle! To help him enter the castle, tap on the door to open it up. Tilt your phone and the monster will slide around the screen like a marble. Tilt the monster into the castle through the doors.

Level 79: If you can be a millionaire by clicking a button but it causes your bf/gf to become 10% uglier, will you take it? Drag the middle of the screen to reveal a red button, then tap it ten times to blow it up.

Level 80: How do you get the chicken? Swipe up with two fingers at the same time (don’t tap) to defeat them. The screen will zoom out revealing a chicken. Tap the chicken to eat it and get a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

Level 81: To tap the balloons from small to large this time, tap the right-side up balloons from small to large. Then flip the phone upside down and tap the upside down balloon, which actually says the number 9 on it.

Level 82: To put the right time in, tap the time in military time (if your phone says 2:30 PM, put 14:30, for example)

Level 83: To choose a different sheep, shake the phone until one of them gets dizzy, then tap it.

Level 84: To win at Rock Paper Scissors, swap the words Mike and Me, then choose the correct answer to win.

Level 85: Banana + grape = ? Count the apples as 8, banana as 2 per banana in the bunch, and grapes as 1 per grape in the bunch. One banana plus 10 grapes is 12.

Level 86: To make the equation 26-63=1 true by moving a number, move the left 6 to the top right corner of 2 to make 2^6, which equals 64.

Level 87: 101, 102, 103 = ? Each previous answer is the number of digits in the combination so the answer here is 9.

Level 88: Mary and her boyfriend broke up, and her GGF asked why is he so charming? The answer is to do the hint video, then tap on E: There is no good man in the world.

Level 89: How do you tell if your money is real or counterfeit? Turn the phone until the word “REAL” pops up on three of them, then tap the fake one.

Level 90: To help the guy with constipation, plug in the headphone cable. If you have a phone without a headphone jack, plug headphones into the charger port.

Level 91: To see Steve Jobs again, drag your finger on Tim Cook’s hair. A black line will appear; put it at the top of the iPhone to make an iPhone X, which will bring back an angry Steve Jobs.

Level 92: To find the smallest number, move the first underscore up to turn it into a negative/minus sign, then type -99.

Level 93: To stop the noise on the upper floor, call the number on the card (6969) and enter 609, since that’s right above 509.

Level 94: To pass the grass, move the rear hero directly behind the front hero, then tap the R card twice. Then drag the hero across the level.

Level 95: The elevator is out of power, and you’re on the 14th floor. Go to your home and tap the wire on the TV and the mouse.

Now give the mouse to the cat to make the neighbor girl drop it. Then put the wire and the cat on the elevator and rub the cat to generate electricity.

Level 96: Swipe on the screen over and over to lighten the text first, then to switch to an entirely new page of text.


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