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Subway Surfers iPhone and Android game guide: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Subway Surfers is a 3D infinite run iPhone and Android game. You have a cop on your tail after you have just been caught tagging, so you have to run away from the cop while trying to avoid obstacles and subway cars, and collecting coins. If you get caught by the cop or you smash into an object or a train car, you lose. You can even buy all kinds of boosts, accomplish daily goals, and collect coins as you run. Read on for some tips and tricks for Subway Surfers!

The daily goals, which are inside the “missions” tab, are three tasks that you have a limited time to accomplish. If you collect all of the letters in the word “GOAL” from the stage, and accomplish those tasks, you get a prize. However, time is limited. If you need more time to accomplish this, though, go to your phone or device’s date and time settings, and set the time backwards, and you’ll have more time. For example, if you set the phone back 4 hours, and you originally had 4 hours and 29 minutes left to complete the daily goals, you will now have 8 hours and 29 minutes left to make it happen.

When you are going for the longest distance possible, take the focus off of the coins and just try to take the easiest routes when you run. Don’t necessarily avoid the coins, but in especially tough situations, sometimes the coins are what lead you on the most difficult route, making it practical to avoid them in this case.

If you have coins to spare, then use the boosters to make sure that you get the distance or the coins you need to move on. If you need to get a good distance to move on in the game, then buy some jetpacks to make it easy to do. Likewise, if you need to collect a certain amount of coins to complete part of the mission, then buy a bunch of magnets and watch the coins jump into your grasp from any part of the field.