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Suck It Up – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Suck It Up is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to suck up almost everything you can. Suck up plants, animals, people, and more, without getting burnt by the fire or blown up by bombs. You can collect coins and gems, research new characters, and even upgrade all of the plants and animals that you suck up for new bonuses. Read on for some tips and tricks for Suck It Up!

Some of the plants and animals are more difficult to suck up than others, so you’ll have to move at a higher speed to suck up things like chicks and (to a lesser degree) cows, as opposed to corn and apples. You’ll get a bonus if you suck up the entirity of a group of plants or animals.

Once you suck up enough of one plant or animal, you will be able to go to the upgrade menu and level it up. You will need to spend coins in order to level it up, but once you do, a new bonus will be associated with it, such as a higher chance of earning eggs or seeds or other unlockable items.

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If you want to speed up any of the research you’re doing, hit the video button to watch a video to take an instant two hours off of the research times. That means that even the rarest items can be researched immediately, as long as you watch enough videos. You can also spend gems to research them right away, although there’s no need to spend gems unless you are somewhere with no internet signal (which would make it difficult to read this article).

Most of the researchable items will earn you goodies such as new animals or new characters. New characters change the appearance of who sits in the UFO, but the gameplay remains the same. New animals will show up on your game after you unlock them, complete with bonuses and upgrade qualities of their own.

Watch out for the bombs, and be careful of the fire. If you suck up a bomb, you blow up right away. If you suck up fire, you’ll need to suck up the water out of a well. Wait too long, or suck up too many fires in a row, and you’ll blow up, which will end your run.