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Summer Wheelie: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Summer Wheelie is a new iOS and Android game about trying to do a wheelie for as long as you possibly can. Your goal is to do cool wheelies and tricks, keep going for long periods of time, and earn a ton of points. You can even earn new bikes as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Summer Wheelie!

To do a wheelie, you have to find the right balance between holding the screen and letting off of the screen. You lose if your front tire hits the ground, and you lose if you crash off of your bike. When you lose, you can watch an ad video to continue your run, though. Once the video is done, you’ll start back over with the same points that you finished with.

The higher the wheelie that you do, the better. When your front tire gets high enough off the ground, the points will turn orange instead of white, meaning that you are now earning double the amount of points per second. Get any lower, and the multiplier will go away until the next time you go high. Staying up high in 2x mode makes it tougher not to fall on your head, but it makes it easy not to have your front tire crash down onto the ground. You can also double the multiplier by going super low, but this is extremely hard to maintain.

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When you see an outline, tilt your bike to equal the tilt in the outline. If you make it through the outline properly, you will get a multiplier, and you’ll do a cooler trick. For each consecutive outline that you bike through, you’ll get an additional multiplier. If you miss one, though, then your multiplier resets, so you’ll have to start back over to earn one.

Right now, the only way to get a new bike is to do an in-app purchase, and it’s the only new bike in the whole game. The purchase also makes the ads go away, so it is worth it if the ads annoy you. Expect the developers to add more new bikes to the game as they update the game in the future.

Try not to let your finger off of the screen for too long a time. The longer you pull off, the faster your bike will come crashing down, and if you let off for too long, it can be impossible to recover. Instead, let off of the screen for a short time, and hold the screen for a short time, in order to get a slow, even ascent and descent going.