Summon Masters – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Summon Masters is a new role playing game for the iOS and Android platforms. The game has plenty of features associated with card-battling games, such as character collecting, a nearly unlimited number of characters that you can collect, all different rarities from common to uncommon, and the ability to evolve both your weapons and your characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Summon Masters!

Every time that you complete a round of quests, you’ll find characters that you can potentially add to your party. The fastest way to optimize your party’s strength is to go to the troop management screen and hit the “auto formation” button, which automatically puts the strongest characters in your party.

There’s no way to auto equip weapons, though, so you will have to equip stronger weapons as you earn them. Make sure to unequip any character that you pull out of your party, because oftentimes they have stronger weapons, and even if not, you can use their weapons as fodder for combining.

Combining weapons is one of the fastest ways to increase their attack power. Even better, if you get a rare (three star or above) weapon, it will usually add a bonus to your entire team’s attack power, so don’t bother with powering up any weapons that are two-stars and below. Hold out for the rare weapons, which can actually be found fairly commonly, especially in the Hard or Hell versions of the quests.

The extremely rare troops and weapons, which are notated by rainbow stars, can typically only be had via evolution. Once you get all of the necessary evolution materials (cards of at least four stars), you can evolve and earn a rainbow star (five star) troop or weapon, and you can evolve three five-star troops or weapons for a chance at a six star (two rainbow stars). If the evolution fails, though, you will lose one of your four or five star units or weapons.Hold off if all of those four-stars are in your active party, though, as your party might actually be stronger without evolving, due to the higher proliferation of rare troops.

You’ll get soul points whenever someone uses your leader card in battle, so name your strongest and rarest card as the leader, and increase its level as high as possible in order to entice other players to pick it as their helper card. They’ll add you as allies too. Send soul points back and forth as often as possible with your allies, so that you can pull off as many summons as possible.

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