Summon Masters – Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Even though it’s not new by mobile game standards anymore, Summon Masters is proving to be a game with an exceptionally long shelf life by mobile standards. Summon Masters fuses RPG and TCG elements to make for one of the more compelling free-to-play RPG experiences on the App Store. Like any good game it’s easy to learn, yet hard to master. Read on for the top 10 tips and tricks for Summon Masters!

10) Automatically go for the strongest party formation with the “auto optimize” option.
There are so many characters to potentially add to your party that it can become difficult to keep track of them all. The simplest solution is to automatically optimize your party in the troop management screen. Then sell the cards that you don’t want in order to get some more gold.

9) Enhance your weapons to load up your party’s attack power.
Combine weapons to get rid of the ones you don’t want anymore and power up the ones that you do want. Try to save this for the three-star and above weapons, but for a quick boost in party strength, you can and should do this for the two-star weapons as well. One star weapons are so easily replaced that they should only be used as sacrifices for combining, rather than be enhanced.

8) Set your rarest card as the leader card.
This will help you get more soul points because whenever someone picks a helper card, they will tend to go for the rarest one. Level the card up to sweeten the deal even more, and watch the soul points roll in when you do this.

7) Make the PvP battles as easy as possible.
Even though you and your opponents match up based on experience levels, that still leaves you a lot of leeway when you choose who to battle. Take as much of the chance out of it as possible by picking the lowest leveled opponent and fighting against them. And make sure to set the strongest attack and defense set as possible so that you don’t get destroyed in battle.

6) Upgrade the jewel box and buy new jewel boxes.
There is no better way to earn coins when you’re not even playing. Simply wait for them to fill up and when you go back to the game, you’ll collect coins. So buy as many jewel boxes as possible, place whatever jewels you earn into the boxes, and collect the coins so you have a constant flow of money that you can upgrade your cards with.

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