Summoners War: Sky Arena – How to get more energy and arena invitations

Summoners War: Sky Arena is Com2us’ latest smash hit RPG. The two forms of “energy” in this game are energy and arena invites. Energy will let you play scenarios, as well as rounds in the Cairos Dungeon, while arena invitations will allow you to do battle against other players in the arena. Read on for some tips on how to get more energy and arena invitations in Summoner Wars: Sky Arena!

The first and most prominent way to gain more of both is to gain a player level, which will earn you a free full refill of both. If you need some quick experience points to do this, start buying large rocks and then getting rid of them again, or start clearing trees and rocks off of your island that are already there. It’s tedious but it works.

Another way to get more energy is to complete quests. Certain quests will have either energy or arena invitations as a reward – usually quests which require you to spend a certain amount of energy or to battle in the arena a certain number of times. Your energy or arena invites will be applied no matter if you are maxed out or not.

Some of the items inside of the Glory Store are extremely useful to have. The Sanctum of Energy will increase your maximum energy by 1, while the Mysterious Plant will speed up your energy production by 3. Once you place them, you can upgrade them by spending even more Glory Points, adding even more maximum energy and speeding up the energy production even further.

Make a wish at the temple of wishes as often as you get the chance to. You will get the chance to spin for 5 arena invitations, or 15 energy as a bonus. Or if you get crystals, you can always go and spend them on energy or arena invites.

Finally, your only other recourses for getting more energy and arena invitations are buying them, or simply waiting for them to come back. Energy restores far more quickly than arena invites do, but nonetheless, they both come back fairly quickly.