Summoners War: Sky Arena – How to get mystical scrolls and unknown scrolls

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Summoners War: Sky Arena is a smash hit new role playing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Like most role-playing games with trading card elements, you have many ways of summoning new monsters. Unknown scrolls will summon the common monsters, while mystical scrolls will summon the rare and powerful ones. Read on to find out how to get more unknown scrolls and mystical scrolls in Summoners War: Sky Arena!

Unknown scrolls are really easy to find. Your main way of acquiring them will be in the normal scenario stages that you play. When playing the easy stages you will have a high chance of earning at least one. As you increase the difficulty to hard or hell, you’ll often earn two or three at a time as rewards for when you win a battle.

Mystical scrolls are far less common, no matter what difficulty mode you complete an instance in. Generally, they have the highest chance of popping up as a reward for beating a boss. The chances are the same whether or not it’s the first time you play against that boss, so farm the boss levels for your best chance at winning mystical scrolls.

You earn glory points as a reward for participating in the arena, whether you win or lose, and when other players attack you in the area. Go to the glory point store and spend your glory points on mystical scrolls and unknown scrolls. I known scrolls are extremely cheap there, while mystical scrolls, at 240 glory points a pop, are far more expensive.

Both types of scrolls tends to pop up in the magic shop as well, but mystical scrolls will typically only pop up in spots that you have paid to unlock already. In addition, go to the temple of wishes and Make-A-Wish as often as possible. You can make a wish once per day, and your rewards include three unknown scrolls, or one mystical scroll.

Go to the special section of the shop and you can purchase either the summoner pack or the premium pack in exchange for crystals. The summoner pack includes three mystical scrolls, while the premium pack includes 11 mystical scrolls.

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