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Summoners War: Sky Arena – How to get rare runes and how to power up your runes

Summoners War: Sky Arena has a million ways to modify and power up your card team, but runes are particularly notable because of how much you can do with them. Runes have almost as many possibilities as the monsters themselves. You can get one and two-star runes, or even three-star, four-star, and five-star runes. You can also power up even semi-useless runes to levels which will cause them to have a huge effect. Read on for a guide on earning rare runes and powering up your runes in Summoner Wars: Sky Arena!

You’ll acquire plenty of runes from battles, whether they’re normal, hard, or hell battles. Most of the time, these will be one star runes, but the harder the battle, the more likely it is to be a rarer and more powerful rune. Hard and hell battles, then, are your best shot at acquiring rare runes from a normal dungeon.

Cairos Dungeon, which can be unlocked after you beat the Kabir Ruins, is absolutely loaded with rare runes. Check the item drop info before you go into a dungeon so that you know what runes you’ll get from the specific dungeon. Some of the rarest runes in the game can only be found by going here. Secret dungeons are also a good source for rare runes.

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Keep an eye on the current events that are going on. Events change from week to week, and as soon as one event ends, you can be sure that another one is just beginning. Whatever the current event is, participate in it as much as possible, especially if (in this case) it’s one which provides runes as a bonus.

As far as powering up your runes, this is how you do it. Go to the Monster screen, and pick a random monster. Then go to the Rune tab. Pick either one of the runes that your monster has already equipped, or one of the runes that’s in the storage. Scroll through all of the eleven categories to find all of the runes.

Then, go to the “power up” button, and you’ll be able to power it up by spending Mana (the blue crystals). The more power ups you add to a rune, the more it will cost to power it up and the more of a chance that the powering up will have of failing. Once you hit power up level 6 or so, stop powering them up and start focusing on other runes. You want all six of the maximum equipped runes per monster, and you’ll want them to generally be upgraded evenly.