Summoners War: Sky Arena – List of Rare Monster Locations, Page 1

Summoners War: Sky Arena is a card collecting game with literally hundreds of monsters that you can collect. Like Brave Frontier and others, there are a number of locations that you can get rare monsters from, but sometimes you have to really look around in order to figure out where to get them. Read on for a list of rare monster (three, four, five or six star) monster locations in Summoner Wars: Sky Arena!

There are plenty of places where you can pick up three-star monsters or above as loot. NOTE: you’ll get the rare monsters FAR more frequently as loot if you are battling a boss. Spam farming the bosses gives you a great shot at loot.

Inugami (blue) = Garen Forest
Golem (red) = Mt. Siz
Harpy (yellow) = Kabir Ruins
High Elemental (yellow) = Kabir Ruins
Warbear (blue) = Mt. White Ragon
Inugami (yellow) = Telain Forest
Inferno (red) = Vrofagus Ruins
Werewolf (red) = Vrofagus Ruins
High Elemental (red) = Vrofagus Ruins
Griffon (yellow) = Tamor Desert
Serpent (yellow) = Tamor Desert
High Elemental (blue) = Hydeni Ruins
Inugami (red) = Fairmon Volcano
Salamander (red) = Fairmon Volcano

Serpent (white) = Inside the Arena (rank 100 to -2, and points between 1,700 and 1,999 (even other levels will also work)
Succubus (blue) = Get rank 1 in the arena as a weekly reward, you will earn this.

All of the above are three-starred except for the four-star Succubus. After beating the Fairmon Volcano you’ll get either a light or a dark rare summon – the only time you will ever get one in the entire game.

In Cairos Dungeon, you can find the following
Summoning Pieces = Secret Dungeons (unlock even more secret dungeons by beating the halls of fire, water, etc)
Extra Rare Summoning Pieces – unlock the Hall of Heroes and it will be in there.

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