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5) Elementals work in a Rock Paper Scissors fashion.
Fire types, or red, will be strong against wind types, or yellow. Wind types are strong against blue, or water types. Water types will be strong against fire types. Light and dark, or silver and purple, are strong against each other. Fire, wind and water are neutral against light and dark, or vice versa, and every element is neutral against itself.

4) Pull out every trick in the book to beat a tough boss character.
Want to beat a boss character but you keep losing? There are a number of strategies for this. Fill your party with elementals that are strong against the boss. Save your strongest friend leader to use against the boss character. Fight the battle manually so that you can target and use your skills as effectively as possible.

3) Take advantage of the Angelmon and the Devilmon.
The Devilmon will allow you to boost the skills of any other monster, even if that monster’s level is already maxed out. The Angelmon will provide huge levels of experience points when they are used as material. Elemental Angelmon work best when paired with the same element of monster, while Rainbow Angelmon will provide an equally huge boost to every elemental monster.

2) Take advantage of Glory Points in the Glory Store
Earn more glory points by participating in the Arena. You earn them every time you fight, and you earn them every time someone battles you, as well. Go to the Glory Point Store and you can buy more unknown scrolls, mystical scrolls, and buildings which increase your energy, mana production, and which can provide blanket statistical increases for all of your monsters.

1) If you are going to buy in app purchases, buy smart.
It’s always good to buy at least a small IAP so that you can throw some money the developers’ way as a show of appreciation and as a way of getting a little extra boost, but spend smart. Wait for the discounts on crystals to roll around, and if there are no current package deals, wait until package deals show up to spend your money on them.

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