Summoners War: Sky Arena – Where to find Angelmon, Rainbow Angelmon and Devilmon

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Angelmon and Devilmon are a very special type of monster that you can acquire in Summoner Wars: Sky Arena. They have their own special effects that are specific to each monster. Angelmon can provide huge experience point boosts when they are used as material for a matching element, and Rainbow Angelmon can provide a huge experience boost for all elements. Devilmon can be used to increase the skills of your monsters. Read on to find out how to get the Angelmon and Devilmon in Summoners War: Sky Arena!

Each of the elemental Angelmon can be found in their respective dungeons in Cairos. The Hall of Fire has Fire Angelmon, the Hall of Water hold Water Angelmon, the Hall of Worlds holds Wind Angelmon, the Hall of Light holds Light Angelmon, and the Hall of Dark holds Dark Angelmon.

Oddly enough, each of the Angelmon can also be awakened, and can turn into either the Red, Blue, Dark, Light or Yellow Angelmon, depending on the elemental. The post-awakened ones are the only monsters in the game to have a grade of one single purple star. Awakening a white Angelmon also has the chance to randomly transform it into a Rainbow Angelmon.

Other places for the Rainbow Angelmon include the Rainbow Garden, which pops up very rarely and at completely random times. For other property-exclusive Angelmon, wait until the Angel Garden pops up (which also happens at completely random times) and go there. In addition, all forms of Angelmon, including the Rainbow one, can be found at every different dungeon in Cairos, at random.

Devilmon can be found randomly in dungeons, but right now there is not one specific Devilmon-dedicated dungeon. Devilmon, along with Angelmon and Rainbow Angelmon, often appear as scenario loot, although typically this is more likely to happen in Hard or Hell modes. Unknown scrolls can also randomly (though infrequently) earn you Angelmon and Devilmon.

Devilmon and Angelmon can be purchased in the Glory Store, for 180 glory for a Devilmon and 100 for a random Angelmon. Play the arena as often as possible in order to get glory points. One last tip: to enhance the effectiveness of your Angelmon, power them up or use them in battle in order to increase their experience levels before using them as material.

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