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SUP Multiplayer Racing – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

SUP Multiplayer Racing is a new racing game for the iOS and Android platform. Your goal is to race against other players and try to make it into first place, while sabotaging and smashing them any way that you can. Think of a cross between Fun Run and a 3d lane racer. You can earn gold coins, gems, evo coins, all kinds of chests, and new cars, as well as massive amounts of upgrades for your car. Read on for some tips and tricks for SUP Multiplayer Racing!

Racing can be a bit tough, especially because you always have people trying to crash you and spin you out – so do the same thing to them. Ram players from the side and try to flip them to cause them to fall behind – just don’t let yourself get knocked out in the process. Don’t ram someone in the back too often or too hard, though; you’ll just speed them up.

Make smart use of your NOS in order to get the biggest speed boosts that you can. Jump off the ramps and use the steering wheel to do spins for a speed boost; use the NOS and the spin moves together to do even better spin moves, to add to your advantage in the race.

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Upgrading your car is the way to keep it competitive, but it takes awhile for the part to come. If you want the part right away but you don’t want to pay gems for the privilege, go to the speed-up screen and there will be two options. One will be to watch a video to finish the upgrade right away. Watch the video and you will have the part immediately afterwards.

The video ads also play a part in powering up. Every time that you complete a race, whether you finish in first or fourth place, you will get a prize consisting of parts, gems, or coins. Watch a video and you will instantly double up the prize. Watch a video every time to get a whole lot more parts, coins or whatever the prize may be this time around.

In addition to the chests that you earn after winning races, you can earn a racer chest by participating in ten races. This tends to have rarer parts than the basic one-hour chests that you earn from multiplayer races. Additionally, you can get a free basic chest every 3 1/2 hours. Set the notifications if you want to be reminded of when to collect it for the most parts and coins possible.