Super Ball Batting – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Super Ball Batting is a simple, 8 bit style home run derby game for iOS and Android. Super Ball Batting takes quite a bit of graphical inspiration from Super Ball Juggling, but the gameplay is all its own – and in a way, much tougher. Your goal is simply to hit as many balls as you can before you run out of lives. Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Ball Batting!

Balls come from every different direction. Some will be fast and low while other ones will be slow and will come from up high. The low ones are very easy to aim a hit on, but the high ones can be considerably more difficult. For the high ones, you’re best served by waiting until the last possible second to take a swing.

Bombs will end your round instantly if you hit them, no matter how many lives you have. Let the bombs pass by and wait for a baseball to come flying out. Don’t count on swinging and missing at a bomb, either, because for some reason they are far easier to hit than the baseballs are.

You will get a special hat as a reward depending on how many points you earn in a round. Ten points will score you a copper hat. Fifty points will score you a silver hat. Finally, one hundred points will score you a gold hat. Everything else after that is merely bragging rights.

Swing the bat and time it so that the swing occurs right as the ball is vertically level with the mouth of the fans who are watching in the background. If you do this, you will hit it every time. It doesn’t matter how close or how far the ball is from your batter, only what level it’s on vertically.

When you are checking Game Center to see what the top scores of all time are, scroll past the ones which look extremely unrealistic. Once you get to scores in the hundreds, rather than the thousands, these are the real high scores in the game, so use these to know who you are competing against.

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