Super Battle Tactics – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Super Battle Tactics is a new tank battling RPG by DeNA for the iPhone and Android. You run an army of up to four tanks in a battle arena for entertainment purposes, and your goal is to blow up the rival tanks, earn arena points, build new and rare tanks and abilities, and become the top tank battling army in the arena. Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Battle Tactics!

Your first goal in every battle should be to target one single tank, and ideally, it should be the tank that has the most blue bars. The blue bars are the ones which will earn the first strike, so if you knock out the enemy’s blue bar tanks, you’ll get the first strike every time that you get the blue bars. Otherwise, it’s based on who gets the higher blue bar during a spin.

An example of how to do this is to do the following. Use the mini-strike to get one shot on the targeted tank, and then use the targeting ability to launch all four attacks at the same tank. Repeat the same thing during the next round to knock off a second tank, and repeat until all four are gone. Stay away from the Bombard skill because even though it’s very effective, it has to wait until the second turn due to costing four ability points, and the first turn is arguably the most important one in a battle.

Want to unlock more tanks? Win enough battles to upgrade yourself to a higher tier. You will usually need tow in 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 to get to the next tier up. This is also the way to unlock new abilities.

Collect from your contracts as often as possible, and when you get enough gems to do so, use the gems to purchase new contracts. Contracts are your second biggest source of scrap parts, aside from the tank battles themselves, and the more scrap parts you have, the more tanks that you can build.

Save up parts as much as possible if you want to get exclusive rare tanks. Go to the exclusive tanks tab under “build tanks” to see what you need to build any of the exclusive tanks. These tanks are far more powerful than your common tanks, but they require far more materials and rarer materials in order to build them.