Super Brain: Funny Puzzle – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Super Brain: Funny Puzzle is a new trick question game for the iOS and Android platforms that features 200 (and counting) questions that require you to do all sorts of weird things with your phone. Questions range from the easy ones to the extremely hard ones that are almost impossible to figure out.

You’ll do all sorts of things from spinning your phone to solving a math problem, and more. Sometimes, even waiting and doing nothing is the right answer. Along the way you’ll complete tasks, earn keys so that you can get all of the answers, and you can replay levels as often as you want to.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Brain: Funny Puzzle!

Each level presents a completely different problem, but many times, multiple questions will have similar ways to get the answer. Try something that you would not have normally thought of in order to try to get the answer. Oftentimes, the dumbest idea will be the one that works.

You’re going to use all types of features on your phone in order to get answers in this game. You might have to touch the screen in multiple places. Some will require you to actually plug in your phone and charge it, or to place it on a wireless charging pad. Still others will require you to shake, spin, flip, or move your phone in some way.

You can collect keys in order to either skip questions entirely, or to get the answer so that you can solve the question yourself. If you want to get the answer, hit Tips to spend on key, or hit Get Answer to get the answer for free by watching an ad video. If you want to skip, it costs two keys.

Sometimes, a question will glitch out, and you can do any answer as many times as you want, right or wrong, and your phone won’t respond. If this happens, then what you have to do is close out of the game entirely (not minimize it, but close it), then restart your phone.

You can play with no internet connection, but you won’t be able to watch videos to get keys. If you want to stash a lot of keys, then wait until you have an internet connection, then go and watch a ton of videos in a row by clicking on the Shop tab, then hitting the video button. Each video that you watch is worth one key.

Another way to get free keys is to complete various tasks. Go to the main screen and hit the task button. You’ll get a free key every time that you sign in for the first time that day. You’ll also be awarded bonus keys for various levels that you beat. You’ll get a free key every 18 levels or so.

Even if you beat all of the questions, the developers frequently add new questions to Super Brain: Funny Puzzle. If they do, then start over from the beginning. They tend to mix the new questions randomly into the game, and swap questions around in order to ensure that the element of surprise stays intact.

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