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Super Cat Tales 2: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Super Cat Tales 2 is a new platform game for the iOS and Android platforms that takes the simplest controls that you can possibly think of, and still manages to create a deep and challenging game out of them. This is the sequel to the original Super Cat Tales, and your goal is to make it from level to level, collect bells, and complete each level in the shortest possible amount of time. Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Cat Tales 2!

Your main methods of control are going left and going right. There is no jump button in this game, but if you come up to a wall, you can climb up the wall. Double-tap to dash, and if you dash off of the edge of a platform, you’ll jump automatically. If you jump and hit a wall or a rope, you’ll climb it, and if you tap in the opposite direction off of a wall, then you will jump off of it. Use this method to climb vertical corridors when there is a wall on either side of you.

You’ll unlock multiple cats as the game goes on, each with their own special ability. For example, Sergeant McMeow will have the ability to dash through enemies without taking a time penalty. Your starting cat will have the ability to claw its way up a wall without getting tired (other cats will get tired after a bit of climbing, making it impossible to climb taller walls).

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You can collect up to three bells per level. If you don’t care about setting a fast time record, then take the time to look around in unexpected places for bells. Oftentimes you’ll have to backtrack in order to find them, or to attempt to get into places that you wouldn’t expect to be traversable. Bells tend to pop up in the most unexpected places.

For speedrunning a level, take the opposite tack and ignore all of the bells that you come across. Spend as much time dashing as possible, and avoid hitting any enemy whatsoever. Use Sgt McMeow often in order to minimize your time penalties. Make sure that you know the layout of the level fairly well, then charge through the level as fast as you can.

Coins can be found randomly throughout levels as well. They’ll seem completely worthless until you get to the Hikari City level. Once you’re past the item shop there, you can head to the shops at anytime by hitting the button in the upper left corner of the screen, and you can spend your coins on various boosts. Boosts range from the cheap (band aid which reduces stun time for 250 coins) to the expensive (genie lamp which multiplies all collected coins by 2 for 5,000 coins).


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