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Super Dangerous Dungeons – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Super Dangerous Dungeons is the sequel to the old-school Game Boyesque hit Tiny Dangerous Dungeons, itself a sequel to the old browser game Dangerous Dungeons. This game places you in a series of dungeons with increasingly more dangerous sets of obstacles, complete with boss characters, and loads of puzzles to work out. Think Bug’s Bunny’s Crazy Castle or a side-scrolling Zelda game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Dangerous Dungeons!

When you start, you’ll go from room to room in dungeons, and when you die you will start back at the beginning of the room that you died in. Each room is actually it’s own level; whenever you quit the game, you’ll be able to go back to the room that you last played, or to any previous room in the dungeon.

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The roughest room in each dungeon, by far, is the boss room; for example, in the green dungeon, in the boss room you will have to escape from a giant smiley-faced boulder that rolls through the whole dungeon. Speed is especially pertinent in these rooms; not so much in most of the other rooms, unless a buzzsaw is going after you.

Your character can make jumps of various heights. Tap on the screen very quickly and he will do a short jump. Tap for a little bit longer and he will do a higher/longer jump (longer if you are running, of course). The right type of jump can get you past a difficult obstacle; the wrong type of jump can send you to your death.

Your character will slide a little bit after you stop, so be ready for it. Some complain that the controls are too “floaty” . What helps is to control the game the way that you would control a Mario game, since those games have a similar degree of “slide” or “float” to deal with. Prepare for the floats and the slides by correcting in the other direction a little bit.

You can do a time trial through the entire game, or you can do a time trial through all of the levels in one single dungeon at once. Play these with urgency, but resist the temptation to rush because rushing will cause a whole lot of unnecessary deaths.