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Super Duper Punch – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Super Duper Punch is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to punch your opponent, drain all of their energy, and then knock them off the stage. You use a control setup with a joystick and one button, and you move from opponent to increasingly-tougher opponent in an effort to become the top fighter globally. Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Duper Punch!

The two controls for this game are to hold a button to block, and tap the button to punch. If you get knocked dizzy, tap alternatingly as quickly as you can in order to knock yourself out of the dizziness and get back into the fight. There is a limit to how quickly you can tap before the game stops properly reading all of your taps, so find that speed and tap at that speed whenever you get knocked dizzy.

When your opponent is not yet dizzy, try to stay to the middle of the level. You can’t get knocked off of the level in the middle, but you can get knocked off at the top or the bottom. Once your opponent has lost a good chunk of their health though, start moving the fight to the top or bottom of the level in preparation to knock them off.

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You can earn loads of new characters in this game or you can purchase them for one dollar each. While each one has their own style, they all have the same gameplay, so you can always expect the same strategies to work from one character to the other no matter who you are using.

If you are getting low on battery life, hit the “conserve battery” button in the options menu in order to minimize the battery usage. This will set the game to a lower frame rate, which will also change the way it controls a bit, so try it to see if you like it better. You may actually find it easier to knock enemies off of the level.

Boost boxes can be good or bad, so if you are an excellent boxer, and can fight through the enemy’s good boosts, try to knock them into a boost on the chance that they will get a bad one, such as reverse or dizzy. If they do, that will make it far easier to knock them off of the top or bottom of the level.