Super Hit Baseball: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Super Hit Baseball is a new competitive quick-fire baseball game for the iOS and Android that pits you against another player in one- to three-inning battles against other players. You control the hitters, the computer controls the pitchers, and your goal is to avoid three outs and keep the hit train going.

You can earn coins and gems, earn player cards to upgrade your team, and earn other random bonuses by hitting home runs and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Hit Baseball!

The most important skill that you’ll have to learn in this game is how to control the direction of the ball. To pull the ball (left field for righties and right field for lefties), hit it out in front of the plate. To push the ball to the opposite field (right field for righties, left field for lefties), hit the ball behind the plate.

Above all, be sure to avoid any of the “out” areas and aim the ball at anything that can get you a hit. Far left and far right field are the easiest to aim for, so aim for those first. The other areas require a bit more skill, so practice on the single-player practice mode.

Each time that you win, you get a card pack that contains coins, cards, and more. You can either open them with a video and have them take a shorter time, or without a video and have them take a longer time. Considering that they take three hours with a video and four hours without, though, the video is arguably not worth it.

As you get new players, go to your team management mode and swap players in and out. Tap on each of your positions and see if you have a rarer player that you can swap in. Gradually replace all of your players with rarer types to improve your team.

The main benefit to improving the stats of your players is that the size of the out and hit areas (and the number of areas for each hit) change. A power hitter will have more and larger home run areas. A good contact hitter will have smaller out areas in general.

Plus, rarer cards will have their own sets of skills given to them. Skills include things like sacrifice, where you can give up an out in order to move each of the base runners forward, and various different kinds of pitches such as change-ups that alter the speed and throw off opposing hitters.

If you are the first one to hit, then score as many runs as possible, so that your opponent has a hard time matching you. If you are the last one to hit, all that you have to do is score one run more than your opponent, and then the game ends automatically.

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31 thoughts on “Super Hit Baseball: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

  1. Bruce

    How do you “find” the all star cartoon characters in certain fields/levels? Do you hit them with the ball?

    1. That1guy

      Just keep getting the card packs until you find them, it’s all random can get quite frustrating

  2. Kenneth Vasquez

    My phone glitched while playing which resulted in my team being deleted.
    I’ve contacted game support and they said that unless my team was saved through Facebook it can not be recovered.
    This is bull shit.
    I’ve sunk a fair amount of money into this game, unlocked all the stadiums, gathered the two legendary players, and have unlocked all but 8 regular players.
    They will not do anything to make this right so don’t waste your time with this game or this company.

  3. Dan

    This is nothing but a scam game to get you to buy things so you can do better the computer teams actually play better than your team with less of a ranking and beat you on a regular basis to get you to try to spend your money to buy bats so stay away from this game

    1. Shawn E.

      This comment by Dan is COMPLETELY and utterly false.

      Dont listen to Dan everyone. Yeah, the creator of this company is a company and companies need to make money. HOWEVER, this is not a P2P game. I repeat, this is not a pay to play game. I have been playing for months and have maxed out every trophy on all 9 stadiums (4,600/4,600) and currently I’ve played exactly 400 games and have won 324 of them, giving me a winning percentage of 81% exactly.

      Now granted, when you first start playing on the early stadiums, it is easier to win – and as you progress along into the future stadiums, the computers do get more and more difficult. JUST LIKE BASICALLY EVERY GAME EVER MADE. The further you get, the harder it gets. But out of the many months and 400 games I’ve played in Super Hit Baseball, I have never spent a single dime. My winning percentage shows that basically out of every 10 games I play, I win 8 of them.

      So under no circumstance is anything Dan said even remotely correct. This game isn’t a scam, he just obviously sucks at this game and because he obviously refuses to practice in PRACTICE MODE, and instead just bitches and complains about getting beat over and over, when he does get beat, he bitches and whines that this game is just a scam. Especially when this game is anything but and not even remotely a scam.

      1. Messy Marvin

        Nice job of selling the game. You must work for the company. No way in hell you won 81% of 400 games. I play, and am quite good. Yet I’ve only won about 60%. This game cheats. I’ve seen it. A player will hit the ball BEHIND the plate, yet somehow still pull it. And wouldn’t ya know it? Right at a HR to beat me. Or it will give them all open line shots, with my players bunched in the middle.

        1. Art

          I am also above 600 games played and have 80% win percentage. Just cause you can’t do it don’t doubt those who can.

      2. Geoffnz

        Shawn is right. This is one of the fairest payment games around! Dan must be useless.

  4. Dell White

    Why do some teams have more players than me on defense?

    1. Ron Smith

      Some player cards have a defense stat that seems to influence having defensive players on the field.

  5. Mike

    Why do some teams have more players than me on defense?

    1. Morgan

      Why do teams have more players than My team???

    1. Gill

      I played someone with less XP than me but still had more defenders

      1. JohnnyB

        Don’t confuse trophies with XP. A fielder is added at XP levels 2, 4, 7 and 10, for a max of 5 fielders. XP is increased ONLY by upgrading players. Above the yellow upgrade botton for each player, you’ll see how much XP you gain with each upgrade. It varies based on player level and type of player.

  6. DJ

    Just had an interesting game. I have 1300 or so trophies- and played someone with 1200. In 3 innings I had 0 specials occur- while opponent had around 10. Wound up losing because of it. (Was this a way to keep the game close?). I was pretty pissed by inning 3 and i had to fight and scratch to stay alive without any perks.

  7. Frank

    Can you find legendary players in packs or do you have to buy them?

    1. Spike

      Ive been playing for about a month now. You can get the legendary players in packs once you open stadium 8. You can also get them from doing certain events. I got my first 2 legendary from beating that giant parrot. And ive spent absolutely 0 real money on the game.

  8. Aaron McQuillen

    How many coins do you have to win to advance to the next league?

  9. Stephen Baker

    What’s the best way to get the bases loaded players in stadium 8.
    I’m winning a ton of games and not one yet.

  10. STL

    Can anyone tell me WHAT DOES LVL ON PLAYERS CARD mean

    1. John3:16

      Level increases the players special ability.

  11. Hal Boudreau

    How important is it to upgrade every player? I have players with crappy abilities and the want 100k coins to upgrade

  12. Barron Fredrick Von Decker und Hoff IV

    Relatively new to the game there was and is a glitch with face book so no 500 gems is there a way to set a lineup

  13. JeffreyErand

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  14. WalterTox

    steeltex inox display: block; s14a прокладка epdm

  15. KiltedOne

    Why can’t I swap players? I keep hitting the circular swap sign, but nothing happens.

  16. Mitchell

    Why does the other batter get all hits on the outfield wall? The wall will go from several outs to all hits.


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