Super Hit Baseball: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Super Hit Baseball is a new competitive quick-fire baseball game for the iOS and Android that pits you against another player in one- to three-inning battles against other players. You control the hitters, the computer controls the pitchers, and your goal is to avoid three outs and keep the hit train going.

You can earn coins and gems, earn player cards to upgrade your team, and earn other random bonuses by hitting home runs and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Hit Baseball!

The most important skill that you’ll have to learn in this game is how to control the direction of the ball. To pull the ball (left field for righties and right field for lefties), hit it out in front of the plate. To push the ball to the opposite field (right field for righties, left field for lefties), hit the ball behind the plate.

Above all, be sure to avoid any of the “out” areas and aim the ball at anything that can get you a hit. Far left and far right field are the easiest to aim for, so aim for those first. The other areas require a bit more skill, so practice on the single-player practice mode.

Each time that you win, you get a card pack that contains coins, cards, and more. You can either open them with a video and have them take a shorter time, or without a video and have them take a longer time. Considering that they take three hours with a video and four hours without, though, the video is arguably not worth it.

As you get new players, go to your team management mode and swap players in and out. Tap on each of your positions and see if you have a rarer player that you can swap in. Gradually replace all of your players with rarer types to improve your team.

The main benefit to improving the stats of your players is that the size of the out and hit areas (and the number of areas for each hit) change. A power hitter will have more and larger home run areas. A good contact hitter will have smaller out areas in general.

Plus, rarer cards will have their own sets of skills given to them. Skills include things like sacrifice, where you can give up an out in order to move each of the base runners forward, and various different kinds of pitches such as change-ups that alter the speed and throw off opposing hitters.

If you are the first one to hit, then score as many runs as possible, so that your opponent has a hard time matching you. If you are the last one to hit, all that you have to do is score one run more than your opponent, and then the game ends automatically.

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