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Super Mario Run – All Toads Guide: How To Unlock Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow Toads

Toad Rally is the multiplayer feature in Super Mario Run where you compete with other players to earn more Toads as fans, but you can only get red Toads at first, and the game doesn’t really explain how to get the other ones. If you’re looking for how to get the blue, green, red and yellow toads, look no further.

First thing’s first, and that is that if you are playing the totally free version of the game, you can only unlock the red Toads, If you want to unlock all of the rest of them, you are going to have to make the in-app purchase to unlock all of the rest of them. This purchase costs $10.00 if you are in the United States, or whatever the equivalent in your local currency is.

Once you do that, the first thing that you want to do is beat the first world. Once you do that, then you will be able to get the green Toads and the purple Toads. You’re not out of the woods yet, though. You still can’t get the blue Toads and the yellow Toads yet.

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Now, you have to beat the second world. Once you are done with the second world, you will have the rest of the Toads. This will round out all of the Toads as you will have unlocked the ability to earn the blue and yellow ones after this. Now head back to the Toad Rally and you will be able to get all five toads.

Once you go back to the Toad Rally, look at what is available from an opponent. When you are playing in the free mode you will always see red Toads but if you have beaten world 1 and world 2, you will see more toads. Not all of the opponents will have all Toads available though, so pick whoever has the Toads you’re looking for.

These colored Toads allow you to purchase more buildings, decorations, and other goodies in the game that you wouldn’t normally be able to purchase with just the red Toads. This includes buildings that allow you to unlock more playable characters in Super Mario Run.