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Super Mario Run – Toad Rally Tickets Guide: How To Load Up On Toad Rally Tickets

Super Mario Run is a game of multiple modes, and the one that keeps players coming back for more is the Toad Rally. This mode allows you to compete for more Toads in order to construct more buildings in your own little version of the Mushroom Kingdom. In order to play the Toad Rally, you need to spend Toad Rally Tickets, but they can be few and far between sometimes. Here is how to get the Toad Rally Tickets in Super Mario Run!

The first and most basic way to get more Toad Rally Tickets is to buy the in-app purchase to unlock every level in the game, if you have not already done so. This is a worthy purchase because you will also be able to unlock more than just the Red Toad if you do this. Once the purchase is complete, you will automatically earn 20 free Toad Rally Tickets. This is the only in-app purchase that allows you to get more of them, as well.

Beyond that, during the tutorial you will build the Bonus Game house. Whenever the Bonus Game is available, tap on it and you will be able to play the game. You will have two paths to pick from, then two more paths. Once you do, get to the treasure chest at the end. There’s a 50/50 chance that the chest will contain free Toad Rally Tickets.

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Link the game to your Nintendo account as well. Once you link Super Mario Run to your Nintendo account, a bunch of missions will unlock and you will be able to win Mario Coins when you complete them. The Mario Coins can then be used to purchase rewards, and these rewards include 5 and 10 Toad Rally Ticket purchases.

As you win more Toads you will be able to construct even more buildings. These include blue and yellow Bonus Game houses, as well as question blocks, pipes, and more. Build these and you will be able to unlock even more bonuses, including Toad Rally Tickets. Each of the Bonus Houses will be available to use once every eight hours.

Go to any one of the levels and collect all of the pink coins. If you collect all five of them in one single run, you will get more Toad Rally Tickets as a reward. Once you finish that, purple coins will be available. Collect all 5 of them and you will get even more tickets. After that, the black coins will be available. Collect all five of them again for the same bonus – more Toad Rally Tickets!

Now, within the Toad Rally itself, you will compete to see who can earn the most coins and who can do the most tricks (such as spin jumps etc). The more tricks that you do, the more Toads will come to watch you compete, and if you win the most coins at the end, all of the Toads (yours and your competitor’s Toads) will come over to your side. If you perform well enough in your Toad Rally Run, you can actually end up winning more tickets.