Super Monkey Ball Bounce Guide: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Super Monkey Ball Bounce is a new game in Sega’s long running series of games that’s commonly known as “the other SMB” (no need to guess what the main SMB is. Heh) It’s a take on the Peggle style of gaming, or if you haven’t played Peggle, think of it as reverse pinball, except with no paddles and flippers. Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Monkey Ball Bounce!

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The easiest way to score a large amount of points is to knock out as many targets as you can with one ball. You earn points for everything that you hit, and then after the hit is done, the points will be multiplied by the total of the targets that you hit, earning you your total score for that one shot. Of course, this includes any bonus points that you earned.

Targets of a different color give you different amounts of points. The red and yellow star targets are the ones that you have to hit in order to clear the stage. Knock them all out and you’ll clear it, and if you fail to knock them all out you’ll have to start over again. Green ones are just normal targets. Blue targets (which shift with every shot) will give you super bounce when you hit them.

The moving target at the bottom that looks like a portal, will give you a new ball if you land in it. Don’t try to aim for it because a ball that hits that and nothing else is still worthless, instead letting luck take over while you try to aim for other targets on the screen.

Run out of lives? An easy way to restore them quickly is to set the time ahead on your phone or your tablet based on how many lives you need to regenerate. If you want to fill the whole bar, set it ahead for 2 hours, or four 90 minutes plus however many minutes it takes to regenerate the fourth heart. Then once you verify your new lives, you can set the time back to normal and go back to the game and your lives will still be there.

If you still don’t want to mess with the time, tap on the hearts and you will be able to either buy more using gold, or watch one advertisement video at a time to regenerate a heart. If you are logged on via Facebook you will be able to ask your friends for hearts (if they play the game as well). Look for more players via the App Store or Google Play reviews page. Use the advertisement video option in order to earn another ball if you are close to beating a stage but run out of balls.

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