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Super Phantom Cat 2 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Super Phantom Cat 2 is a new platform game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as Phantom Cat in this sequel to the original Super Phantom Cat, and your goal is to make your way through level after level, discovering secret areas and collecting coins. You can unlock all sorts of new cats, find new levels and new worlds, and even go back to old levels for exploration purposes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Phantom Cat 2!

Exploration is a more important factor in this game than it is in other free platformers for mobile devices. Even if you have already beaten a level, go back to it again and look around for more areas that you haven’t seen yet. Go looking in the air if you have already looked everywhere on the ground. You can often bounce up to new heights with the help of friendly robots.

Make use of any unbroken blocks that you find around the landscape, as well. If you jump and break a block, then it will disappear and often be replaced by a coin just like in the Mario series. However, you won’t be able to use it as a platform anymore. So before you break a block, try to get on top of it and see what you can find with it.

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Whenever you see an event level, play that level for the biggest possible rewards. It will usually be a clone of a regular level, so it won’t be any more difficult to beat than an ordinary level. You’ll typically be able to find more coins in these levels.

As you progress through the game and beat more and more levels, you’ll be able to find more and more cats and purchase them. If you see these cats but you aren’t using them yet, they will show up in your cat collection but will still be locked. Once you officially unlock them though, they will show up in the cat select screen and you will be able to see them.

You will be able to play on any old level that you did before, at any time, just by going to the level select screen. This includes all of the event levels that you have previously played, as well. Advance forward and keep beating levels to add to your level repertoire.