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Super Skip World – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Super Skip World is a new endless rock-skipping game for the iPhone and iPad. Your goal is to skip along the water for as long as possible, and the more accurate that your tap is, the longer that you can go for. You can also unlock all kinds of characters, including cameos from the Shantae and Mighty Switch Force games. Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Skip World!

Each time that you play, you use up one coin, and coins occur rather sporadically (not that often at all) within gameplay itself. If you need to get more coins, there are two ways to do so, besides buying more. You can either wait for them to be restored or you can tap the ad to watch it for 7 coins for free.

To load up quickly, scroll all the way to the right on the character select screen and tap one of the characters that you can’t afford. Tap the ad, then back out, tap the character, then tap the ad, and keep repeating until you have over 20 coins. You can either use this to load up on lives, or to load up on characters, essentially for free. Generally it is best to leave one character unpurchased.

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Some of the characters are from games other than Mighty Switch Force and Shantae. If you see an “i” info button next to a character but you don’t see the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen, tap the info button to see what game they are from. The Pizza Vs, for example, is from Pizza Vs Skeletons.

Aim your bounce so that you can hit the water, and you get a halo smiley. These jumps will turn the fish gold that are swimming underneath you. Once all of the fish are turned gold, that’s when your character floats upward and you load up on points. After the floating maneuver, the fish will reappear, with one extra fish added. Do it all over again to float again.

The farther you go, the faster your rock or other character will bounce, so be prepared for a fast fall after the floats later on. If you can time it right, you can keep bouncing almost forever, going from city to city and from day to night and back to the day again.