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Super Smash the Office – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Super Smash the Office is a game for those who would love to go ham on their workplace. This iOS and Android destruction-fest is just what it sounds like. It’s a game where you are a disgruntled employee who uses various weapons to destroy objects at his office. You can earn coins, unlock new weapons and characters, and use various tricks to get insanely high scores. Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Smash the Office!

You have to smash everything in a room in order to advance. Depending on what you target, this can be very easy to do and often requires only one or two swings of your weapon. Target red computers, black computers with TNT written on them, fire extinguishers, and other explosive objects to destroy everything with less effort.

When you get to 100 coins, you can spin the gacha to get either a new weapon or a new character. Either one of these will give you a new method of customizing your appearance, although the gameplay always remains the same no matter what or who you set as your character or weapon.

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Watch out for the wall, as if it comes up behind you and his you, it will kill you. However, it will also destroy objects in its path, so if you missed anything in the back part of the room, but the front part of the room (the part farthest from the wall) is destroyed, then let the wall take anything in the back of the room and destroy it.

You can’t kill the robots that protect the office; all that you can do is work around them when you’re destroying stationary objects. Avoid them, because if they hit you once, they will kill you instantly. They can’t move from one room to the next, anyways. The wall will take them out, rendering them no longer a threat.

Pick up power ups whenever you see them on the office floor. If you get tokens from the gacha instead of a character, use the tokens to upgrade each of the power ups, causing them to last longer whenever you earn them.