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Super Toss The Turtle: Tricks and Cheats – Tips and Strategies To Get The Most Distance, Cash And Shells

Super Toss The Turtle challenges you to use a slingshot, a cannon, guns, and numerous other implements to launch a cartoon turtle as far as it can go. It will get plenty bloody in the process, but it always comes out alive. If you’re looking for a guide on how to launch it far, load up on shells and new characters, and get a ton of cash and upgrades, you’ve come to the right place.

You can move the turtle in any which way you want to by holding on the screen. The direction that your finger is relative to the turtle will be the direction that it moves slightly towards. So if you hold your finger on the upper right side, it will move upwards and rightwards.

You also want to launch the turtle upwards more, because if you just launch it straight, you won’t be able to get any kind of real distance on it. Also, when you shoot the turtle, wait until the turtle almost hits the ground before you shoot it, because when you shoot it it will go right back up to the highest level that it was at to begin with. That combined with holding up and to the right on the screen, and you will even gain some height compared to the usual.

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Spend your cash wisely in the in-game store. Purchase a new gun and you will be able to fire more powerful shots that and more speed to your turtle, as well as have more shots per round. Spend more on a launcher and you will be able to control the launch bar more easily, as well as launch your character farther no matter where on the launch bar you end up.

Don’t forget about the ‘stuff’ area of the store though, because the random things you can find in here will propel you to AMAZING new distances if you take advantage. Use the bomb right before the first bounce instead of a shot, for example, then use your shots as discussed above, for the chance to send your turtle an absurd distance ahead. Same with the jet packs and other extras that are button-activated each time that you play.

Everything that happens after you launch, for the most part, is just luck; there’s are only a few things that you have to respond to besides holding in the direction that you want the turtle to go. For example, if you use up all of your shots and you hit an ammo refill, be sure to use all of your new shots. Also, watch ads after each round is done in exchange for more shells if you want to unlock new characters.