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Super Trainers: Monster Island – List of Redeem Codes and How To Find More of Them

Super Trainer: Monster Island, also known as Digimon: Mega Digivolution or Digital Warrior: Super Evolve, is an unofficial idle Digimon RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You can collect all of your favorite Digimon from past games and the show, earn all kinds of prizes in premium currency, and more!

The developers have given out redeem codes, which are a type of coupon code that is often given out for promotional purposes, and can be exchanged for free prices, including premium currency and rare characters. You can exchange each code once per account, but you can exchange as many different codes as you want for maximum prizes.

Read in for a list of gift codes, how to redeem them, and how to find more of them in Super Trainers: Monster Island!

The most obvious place to start looking for more codes, especially with a project from a smaller developer such as this, is Facebook. Look for the official page for the game, under one of its three different names, and look for new gift codes. Look through both the posts and the pictures.

Look on other social media networks to, not just on Facebook. Suggestions include Instagram, Twitter, and VK, but anywhere that there is an official social media presence for the game, you’re very likely to find codes. Check all of them, not just one of them, because occasionally you’re going to find codes posted exclusively to one platform but not any of the others.

Go to the Subreddit for the game or for Gacha RPG’s in general, and look for posts containing coupon codes. If you have some that you don’t see posted here, then be sure to post them yourself, or if you see something posted that you don’t have, then be sure to make use of them and get your free rewards.

Twitch and YouTube are also common sources for codes, because they are the most common sources for videos about games, including smaller games such as this one. Developers like to give out exchange codes in order to promote the game, which also helps streamers promote their channels, so you’re very likely to find exclusive codes here that aren’t even posted elsewhere.

Check the review page on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, because these are a great place to find codes that many don’t think to look at. Start with the newest reviews and then scroll down to the oldest ones, and if you have codes to share that you don’t see in any other reviews, then post a review of your own.

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As of right now, no codes have been released for the game yet; however, be sure to stay on the lookout, because we are constantly checking our sources, and as soon as one of them has a working code, we’re going to edit this article and share it!


Tuesday 12th of April 2022

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